7 Alternatives to Working Full Time

For the past few centuries, people have become used to working full time. It’s been like adults must spend all of their day working for a living. And so, most people in today’s world hardly see the sunlight from their homes. They leave before the break of day and return after sunset almost every day.

People actually don’t like that, but they have no choice: that’s what society has imposed upon them. But do they have to be subjected to what they don’t like – forever?

Certainly not! There are many alternatives to working full time that people can make use of especially in today’s world. Many are already attempting to do so and are witnesses of how liberating that can be.

Throughout my life, I have never had the opportunity – or should I say the misfortune – of working full time. I have employed a number of activities which have met my needs as would have a full time job.

So, in this article, I explore 7 alternatives to working full time that would benefit anyone who is looking to become free from what’s generally referred to as “the rat race”.

1. Offline Business

“Working” implies “for others”, while “business” implies “for yourself”. So “working full time” here does not refer to “working for yourself full time”. It’s about working for others.

So in the place of working full time (for others), you could start an offline business that would put you in charge of your destiny. Offline business could be in several forms. From single-owned business to joint ventures to corporations. Whatever the type or size of your offline business is, there are initial challenges that you must overcome. Once you can achieve that – with time, you will not have any regret for abandoning your full time job. I – for one – owned and run offline businesses for several years. I therefore can testify concerning what you gain by owning one.

2. Working Part Time

Working part-time is another great way to meet your needs without compromising your freedom. Many jobs exist as part-time, but it actually depends on where you are located. Part time jobs are more available in the developed world that they are in the developing world.

If you happen to live in a part of the world where part-time jobs are available, they can serve as your source of income, while providing you with free hours to achieve other things you wish to.

3. Doing contracts

With contracts, you work intermittently. That is, you only work when there’s work available – and for a certain duration. You’re not into it for years nonstop. Contracts may not always be available, but quite often what you earn from one can take you afar – sometimes up to the next one. Contracts may not be a reasonable replacement for full time job in case they are not regular.

4. Provision of a “Strategic” Service

I actually included this one based on my experience with one such venture. In one of my businesses, I once provided a specific kind of service to a large company. The business was located in a small town; the company was not ready to acquire and operate an entire office with staff in the location.

We therefore entered into a kind of “partnership” that allowed me to provide just what they needed from the town without fully installing themselves there. This was my favorite income source as it paid me a relatively high earning for minimum service provided.

A “strategic” service in your case could be to rent out available free space at a good rate. It usually works well with big entities.

5. Investments

Investments cover a wide range of activities that allow you to earn income by having your money working in your place. Investments could be in the form of placements on the stock market, real estate ventures, purchasing of shares/rights in a business, etc.

Investments are the favorite source of income of the rich as it allows their money – and not them – to work. Most people desiring having such income source because it makes them make money with little or no effort.

6. Freelancing

Here’s another activity that allows people to make money without being employed full time. Whatever your profession is, you could work in it on your own terms. That’s freelancing. So, you’re mostly in charge. To a great extent, you could decide on your terms of work as well as your rate. But to be financially effective using freelancing, you must ensure that there’s a constant supply of clients in need of your services.

7. Online Business

An activity that is gradually becoming the turn-to activity for those in search of financial freedom. Especially with the current level of development in the world, many are establishing and running an online business right from the comfort of their homes. The advantages of an online business made it a viable contender for the title of the best alternative to working full time.

There are however skillsets to acquire in order to be proficient and eventually successful in replacing your full time work with a reasonable alternative.


Our world has evolved according exiting realities. Unlike in the past where nearly everyone was glued to some job, nowadays more and more people desire detaching themselves from reliance on a full time job in the interest of something more flexible. There are many reasonable alternatives available, but what seems the more reasonable for our time and reality is an online business. Perhaps an even more appealing alternative would be the combination of more than one. In that way, the person concern will benefit from the advantages of each individual reasonable alternative out there.

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