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Hi, my name is Trodvies. I’m a member of an awesome online business community; and the owner of this website, a website set up to guide those who are new to internet business (aspiring online entrepreneurs) and lend a hand to those struggling online.

I can relate to people in such situation; I too have been down that road .  .  .

My Story

About two and half years ago, I began my online business journey. I had received an email from an online community I was a part of, inviting me to a webinar on how to make money online. It was first of its kind for me.

I got myself set for the event, and sat in front of my computer for over four hours, listening to accounts by various speakers concerning their experiences in the Make Money Online (MMO) space.

The webinar concluded with the invitation to sign up for a course which cost more than a thousand dollars. (I guess you can relate!)

I didn’t have funds saved anywhere and would not attempt to borrow it based on experience; I therefore did not sign up.

  • Webinar Paves the Way

One thing I went away with from the webinar, however, was knowledge – not on how to make money online, but rather what search terms to use when continuing my research regarding the MMO industry, as I previously didn’t have the slightest imagination that such a sphere even existed online.

  • My Pyramid-like Training Program Experience

A couple of weeks later, those ‘keywords’ led me to a quite flamboyant and appealing pyramid-like online training program where one needed to pay even more than what the webinar course had requested, to have the chance of earning something.

Moreover, just remaining in the program – whether you were succeeding with it or not – required a monthly fee, which I simply couldn’t afford.

I was assigned a coach whose role was to introduce me to the MMO industry and answer questions I had as a newbie. But you know what? The coach insisted that I should start creating YouTube videos (Imagine asking a complete newbie to make videos on issues he had no idea about) and was more concerned about me upgrading to a higher level (which meant paying higher fees), because – as I later realized – in doing so, he would have earned more commissions.

But once again, I still couldn’t mobilize the funds needed. I therefore “fortunately” withdrew from that training program a couple of months after the trial period.

To tell you the truth, for the newbie I was at the time, if I had reasonable amounts of money available, I would have certainly subscribed to those ‘high ticket’ offers – and lose good bit of cash.

But thankfully, I didn’t have the amount required in both cases. So I continued searching.

  • Finding an alternative

Persistence led me to discover a quite reasonable alternative, where I signed up for membership and have benefitted from awesome online business training and guidance.

To say the truth, I had been so enticed by the website design and lifestyle of those supposedly succeeding in my previous pyramid-like program that I initially didn’t think the alternative I found was a viable one. But with time, all that started to change.

I have since recognized the value it offers, which resulted in me beginning to experience success online, and which has caused me to recently sign up for an additional year of membership, with no intention of unsubscribing in the near future.

The Idea behind this website

Most newbies online have had the same ‘experience curve’ like me. Every now and then, you read accounts of how people spent a fortune on quite costly online business courses, to no avail.

Many are those who sign up for such courses, and eventually find out that the courses actually didn’t serve – unfortunately.

Many move from one costly online course to another because, the complete online business newbie online usually reasons: “If a course is costly, it has to be great!” But that’s not the case. And such individuals complete such courses with no real impact on their online business skills. (Guess that sounds familiar!)

Having had similar experience, I’ve created this website to help others avoid that ‘unnecessary’ phase of their online business education and acquire training that is relevant and – at the same time – quite affordable.

Truth is, one determining factor for success for a newbie online is ‘meeting’ the right person: someone with experience, knowledge, know-how and the will to assist. Such a person usually saves you thousands of dollars and much valuable time. That is why this website has been set up.

What you’ll find on this website

On this website, you’ll find guidance for the online newbie, as well as support for the struggling online entrepreneur. I do not claim to be ‘an expert’ as many do, but my bad experiences, coupled with the training and guidance I’ve received certainly empower me to hand-hold newcomers and struggling ‘oldies’ on their online journey: they will not have to repeat the mistakes I made.

Posts on this site are a source of online business education, inspiration, as well as guidance for building an effective online business at reasonable cost.

You’re Welcome!

Your concerns are mine. If you have any questions or comments; or you just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line in the comment area below, or contact me at trodvies@theonlinealternative.com. I’ll be very glad to respond to you.

There is a special feeling I get when I learn that I have contributed to the success of others, and will therefore not hesitate to point you in the right direction.

You are also welcome to be a part of the ‘alternative training program’ which has propelled me into success online.

Thanks for your visit to theonlinealternative.com; you’re always welcome to do so.

To your success!

– Trodvies                                                                                                                                      Entrepreneur – Educator – Online Marketer                                                                                  @ theonlinealternative.com

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