A GetResponse Review 2022

What matters most when starting out with online marketing is to find out which service would adequately meet your needs. There are several marketing services, each different from the others in terms of what it offers.

In this review, I unveil a prominent online marketing platform, along with the various features it offers, in an effort to help you make an informed decision when signing up.

This is a comprehensive review of the all-in-one online marketing platform, GetResponse.


GetResponse is an internet marketing platform that provides state-of-the-art tools designed to meet your marketing needs and grow your online business exponentially.

As a leader in the online marketing space, GetResponse offers the following features and tools fashioned to enhance your online business experience:


Creating an account with GetResponse is free. Once your free account is created, you could go straight ahead and pay for one of GetResponse available plans as discussed below. But there’s also the option of a 30-day free trial of the platform in case you desire trying out the features before committing to one of the plans.

During the free trial, you are allowed to test drive all of GetResponse features. At anytime during your free 30 days, you may upgrade to one of the paid plans. But if at the end of your free trial you do not upgrade, you will be denied access to the awesome marketing enhancement features.


As a newbie to the GetResponse platform, there are a few ways you can get acquainted. GetResponse has a user-friendly interface which makes it quite easy to navigate the platform. A customizable dashboard allows you to set up your interface as you desire.

If that is not enough, there’re video tutorials on how to get around the platform and access the various features, in addition to the ‘Launchpad’ that allows you to pick your goal and shows you how to reach it.

There are also a Help Center and Ressources made available which are particularly helpful if you’re new to online marketing. The Help Center gives you the possibility to search for answers to general questions you may have or narrow down your search based on specific topics.

The Ressources, for their part, bring together articles which contain relevant tips and insights intended to properly guide the online marketer.

In addition, there’s the possibility to sign up for an introductory webinar which will take you on an exploration of the various features available on the GetResponse platform.

And as  you are explore the platform, you are presented with the opportunity to import emailing lists you may have from other sources before getting down to building your own using GetResponse tools.


GetResponse pricing is function of the following three factors:

The Billing Plan: Basic, Plus, Professional, or Enterprise (MAX)

The Billing Period: Monthly, Annually (12 Months) or Bi-Annually (24 Months)

The List Size: 1 – 1,000; 1001 – 2,500; 2501 – 5,000; 5,001 – 10,000; 10,00 – 25,000; 25,001 – 50,000; etc.

Meaning, the price you pay is determined by the plan/features you wish to have, how often you wish to pay and the number of emails on your mailing list.

Features included in each plan are as follows:

After choosing your plan (considering your needs) and deciding how often you wish to be billed, the number of emails on your mailing list will be the ultimate determining factor of the price. If you select a plan and opt to pay monthly, you will be billed every month as follows:

                                                                      P L A N

LIST SIZE                            BASIC              PLUS             PROFESSIONAL

1 – 1,000                                $ 15                  $ 49                      $ 99

1,001 – 2,500                         $ 25                  $ 59                      $ 119

2,501 – 5,000                         $ 45                  $ 79                      $ 139

5,001 – 10,000                       $ 65                  $ 95                      $ 165

10,001 – 25,000                     $ 145                $ 179                    $ 255

25,001 – 50,000                     $ 250                $ 299                    $ 370

50,001 – 100,000                   $ 450                $ 499                    $ 580

If you choose to be billed annually or bi-annually instead, you will receive discounts of 18% and 30%, respectively, for any of the plans above.

Apart from the plans indicated in the above chart, there’s also an Entreprise (MAX) Plan. The Enterprise (MAX) Plan is for mailing lists of more than 100,000 and is subject to custom pricing by means of a quote. With the Enterprise (MAX) Plan, it is also possible to get 2 months free.

The prices listed above are among the best in the industry. There may be other services with lower prices, but GetResponse beats them all considering the features that are offered at such prices.


Email Marketing is the heartbeat of GetResponse. As such, they have made available tools intended to help you achieve your email marketing objectives.

There’s an array of excellent email marketing tools available at GetResponse, including:

A. Tools for Communication

Email Creation

GetResponse drag-and-drop editor allows you to create emails with very little or no experience. It’s actually the editor that creates the emails, not you!


These are automated messages composed to respond to different situations. You can set them to be sent at designated time or upon specific actions on the part of your subscribers. Using autoresponders for example, you can send a thank-you email right after someone signs up to your email list or purchases an item from your e-commerce store.


Allows you to get things done automatically after setting them up once. Autoresponders are a kind of automation, but automation is not limited to a single action followed by a reaction. You could build an entire sequence or ‘chain’ of events using automation.


GetResponse allow you to create and host webinars from right within your account, starting at the Plus plan. Being able to do so is quite advantageous. There are email marketing services which do not have this feature. As such, one pays for a separate webinar-hosting platform in addition to an email marketing service.

B. Tools for Growth

Signup forms

With hundreds of templates available, GetResponse allows you to create customizable signup forms for installation on your blog or website to enhance your list-building process.

Landing pages

GetResponse also allows you to build customizable landing pages with 100% responsive design within no time, using their easy drag-and-drop editor. There are dozens of templates, sorted out into categories which makes it easy to find one that suits that specific need of yours.

The image below reveals the various categories:


With autofunnels, you can automate all of GetResponse’s other marketing tools in a marketing sequence, from driving traffic and getting customers, to eventually getting paid. Once a funnel is set up, this automated process lives on without need for your intervention.


Images and Files

GetResponse offers thousands of free Shutterstock photos to use in your creations in case you do not have some of your own.


GetResponse has several integrations that allow you to grow your business as well as get paid. Prominent among them are:

  • Worldpress
  • Amazon Payments
  • Clickbank
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Paypal buttons
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • WooCommerce


GetResponse provides statistics relevant to your marketing campaigns. You can get to know the status of your sent emails, ads and landing pages, as well as relevant information on your subscribers’ behavior and reactions to your campaigns.


GetResponse Website Builder is probably the newest platform for website creation introduced online. This latest innovation carried out on the GetResponse platform empowers users to readily create and maintain a web presence.

With GetResponse Website Builder, owning a website has never been this easy! With the help of a drag-and-drop editor, you can create a fully functional device-optimized website in a jiffy. This is made possible by the availability of customizable templates tailored to suit each industry and brought to life by you responding to a few personal questions.

Unlike other platforms which predated it, Website Builder does not require one to be a techie nor have need for a programmer, as this piece of technology is operated by artificial intelligence and is consequently code-free.

easy way build website

Editing of websites is also no issue. Choosing from a list of available options, one can change the font, color and design of a website without causing any disruption to its presence online. Website Builder also ensures search engine optimization, making websites easily discoverable by their targeted audience; and puts analytics (website data) at the disposal of website owners for tracking of relevant parameters such as traffic, clicks, devices, location and the like.

When creating a website with GetResponse, the owner does not have to worry about domain acquisition or hosting services. He / she may use a free GetResponse domain, buy one of their choosing or transfer an already-existing one from another platform. The Website Builder ‘package’ also includes hosting and ensures website security by means of SSL certificates.

Unlike in the past when marketers subscribed to GetResponse only for ‘extended’ marketing solutions, nowadays, they have an excellent platform capable of playing host to their already-existing marketing activities. For example, a blogger can easily employ pop-ups in his post to get his readers to take specific actions without having to resort to an external platform.

Also, marketers can readily build their audience, automate their workflow, and even create entire funnels within this unique all-in-one marketing platform.

GetResponse has really ‘sealed the deal’ with online businesses. We finally have a ‘one-stop shop’ capable of meeting all our marketing needs.

Such brilliant innovation will not only benefit online businesses, but all others who have interest in creating and maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web.

As has been proven, a website is the Number 1 means by which a business can establish itself online. With a website, a business has a ‘fixed location’ online which ensures a certain level of trust on the part of its customers. A website also gives a business full control over its online strategies and campaigns. In short, control over its destiny online.

Individuals and entities to take advantage of this momentous piece of technology include:

  • Large Companies
  • Small and Medium Businesses
  • Organizations
  • Nonprofits
  • Consultants
  • Other Professionals
  • Freelancers
  • Marketers
  • Etc.

. . . who can all rest assured: GetResponse Website Builder has a ‘space’ for each of them regardless of their activity.

Finally, what seems to be most exciting about Website Builder is the fact that it is accessible both by means of the 30-day free trial and as part of all GetResponse subscription plans – at no extra cost!



Also available within the GetResponse platform are:

Customer Support

GetResponse has great customer support: a 24/7 live chat feature that provides answers to your questions, as well as email support which replies to your inquiries in a quite reasonable length of time.

Affiliate Program

Like many online platforms, GetResponse has an affiliate program which allows you to get paid for referring subscribers to the platform. In fact, there are two affiliate programs:

GetResponse Affiliate Programs

  • Affiliate Bounty Program which pays one-time commission of $ 100 for every paid account referred, and
  • Affiliate Recurring Program which pays a 33 % monthly recurring commission,

in addition to their ‘refer a friend’ program which offers a $ 30 credit for each one who signs up.


As an online marketing platform, GetResponse presents a great opportunity to enhance your online marketing experience and grow your business possibly beyond your imagination. Though there are other online marketing platforms, what makes GetResponse unique is their ability to bring together the most effective internet business tools in one place and for one price.

With their recent platform refurbishment and latest innovation, they do not lack what is expected of an online marketing platform beyond 2021. Though some of these excellent features may not be available with their Basic Plan, GetResponse proposes a solution in the form of upgrading to a higher plan if you become or are already a more experienced marketer in search of more advanced features. But for the marketing newbie, the basic Plan – at least for a start – does suffice.

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