Avoid COVID 19, and work from home!

The COVID-19 Reality

The world is currently experiencing terrible times in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. You don’t get by a day without hearing that hundreds of lives have been lost. COVID-19 is wrecking havoc in countries far and near, with no light being seen at the end of the tunnel.

The devastation caused by the Virus is not without stringent measures. Governments are desperately trying to reverse the scale of the calamity. Schools have been closed, worship has been suspended in many places, going to work is optional, while shopping is only allowed for life-saving provisions. Nearly all activities have been shut down as the world comes to grip with the reality of COVID-19.

This has caused panic and anxiety in many quarters on the planet.

For the first time in so many years, mankind is on the brink of a total shutdown. The 2nd World War was perhaps the last time something similar to such global disruption occurred. But even then, the scale of global hibernation was centralized to vicinities of warfare – especially on the Old continent.

We are lucky!

Although such past experiences are similar to present-day reality, there’s however a major difference which makes us – people of today – luckier than our predecessors who live through similar circumstances: they were forced to shut down; we can decide not to! 


That’s a reality of our day.

Sadly, there are so many who ignore it. Millions continue to risk their lives by venturing into COVID-19 infested surroundings to fetch for their daily bread. They can’t do otherwise because with hardly any savings, these desperate individuals are compelled to go out on a daily basis to make ends meet in spite of the prevailing dangerous circumstances. One may say it’s not their fault. As is often said, the first law of humanity is self-preservation – or perhaps, self annihilation, in this case.

Technology has made the difference

Had they realized what the world’s current state of technological advancement has to offer, they would be acting more cautiously in the face of the pandemic. Unlike those who lived through perilous time before us and who were obliged to remain indoors with little or no outside interaction, today, we have the luxury of being informed by the minute of events big or small, from far or near.

Technological advancement in the form of the worldwide web has made this a reality.

Advancement in technology has also made it possible for companies to ask their workers to work from home in cases where it’s possible, especially for those with IT-related jobs. They can still send and receive communications, check accounts, calculate payrolls, prepare reports, etc. while being at home.


Unfortunately, that’s restricted to only a small percentage of “virtual” employees.

The rest of the global workforce are left to wait seemingly endlessly for a return to normality in order to get on with their lives. In addition to that, there’s the risk of being laid aside due to the ongoing health crisis which will undoubtedly leave its imprint on the global economy. Many will find themselves jobless at the end of this pandemic.

Never has there been a need to learn how to work from home – not for your employer, but rather for yourself. Never also has the possibility to work from home been made this accessible. Today, we are actually blessed.

Yes, you can!

You can remain at home as currently required due to the prevailing circumstances, and learn how to work for yourself and earn a living from home. Who knows? You may become quite successful at it, and may not have to return to the 9 – 5 grill when the COVID-19 dust finally settles. That is, if your job will still be available.

This is a perfect time to give this a try. You have all that’s needed to make it happen.


Firstly, the time.

There are so many people who have had the thought of working from home. But their greatest impediment was time. They’ve never had the time. Commuting for a couple of hours, being present at their 9 – 5, attending to household chores, are some of the reasons why they really never had the time to put into action their desire to earn an income online. For them, it’s always been the rat race.

We’ve all one way or the other experienced this dilemma. That’s how humanity has so far been fashioned. We are just implementers.

But this is about to change. In fact, it’s already changing. With the massive unemployment anticipated in economies worldwide, more and more people are already taking their destiny into their own hands. They’re no longer waiting to be employed. They’ve embraced the online alternative.

And then, the 3 Cs

This futurist lifestyle is made possible by things we already have and use, the most important being what I refer to as the 3 Cs:

1. Computer – or other smart device

2. Current – meaning, electricity. (The Virus hasn’t caused blackout at least for now)

3. Connection – internet connection.

During most people’s lock down, these three Cs are available. They are the ones even making it possible for you to read this article. Unfortunately, many misuse these 3 Cs. Millions spend their time on the internet “over-socializing” which at the end of the day doesn’t solve their problems – financially, especially. Others spend hours upon hours searching for all the bad COVID-19 reports as if that would make the situation any better.

Do as I do!

Why waste valuable time online that could be used to put you ahead in your finances and other important areas like your family life. Or why risk your life when you are aware that life has no spare?

One thing I’ve come to observe is that everything that has a negative side, also has a positive one. COVID-19 has disrupted life and is killing thousands by the day. It has – on the other hand – created the opportunity for millions more to have the time to learn how to work and earn income from home, improve on their finances, and get rid of their headaches or reduce their stress levels.

Why not embrace the better side of the two? That’s what I tend to do in cases like these.


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