What is Online Business?

In recent years, the expression ‘online business’ has become a widely used one. Not only because it is a new phenomenon, but also – and perhaps especially – because it remains an object of fascination for many. Online business is increasingly perceived to be the contemporary source of financial freedom. Some exploit its ‘fame’ as … Read more What is Online Business?

Avoid COVID 19, and work from home!

The COVID-19 Reality The world is currently experiencing terrible times in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. You don’t get by a day without hearing that hundreds of lives have been lost. COVID-19 is wrecking havoc in countries far and near, with no light being seen at the end of the tunnel. The devastation caused … Read more Avoid COVID 19, and work from home!

What’s MLM about?

What’s MLM? Multi-Level Marketing or MLM – for short – is a business model where salespersons are recruited to sell an entity’s products or services, and in most cases, recruit other members to do the same, in order to be paid commissions. Those recruited into an MLM get paid commissions for sales they carry out, … Read more What’s MLM about?