GetResponse Review 2020

When starting out with email marketing, a major preoccupation of a newbie would be to find out which service would adequately meet his / her needs. There are a number of prominent email marketing services, and in this review, I will unveil one of them along with the various features that that service offers, in an effort to help you make an informed decision before signing up with them.

This is a comprehensive review of the email marketing service, GetResponse.

GetResponse is a marketing service that provides state-of-the-art online marketing tools designed to meet your marketing needs and grow your online business exponentially.

To date, GetResponse is one of the most prominent email marketing services, alongside Aweber, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, etc. They offer the following tools and features fashioned to enhance your email marketing experience:


Creating an account with GetResponse is free. Once your free account is created, you could go straight ahead and pay for one of their available plans discussed below. However, there’s also the option of a 30-day free trial of the platform in case you desire to try out the platform before committing to one of their plans.

During the free trial, you are allowed to test drive all of GetResponse’s features. At any time during your free 30 days, you may upgrade to one of their paid plans. However, if, at the end of your free trial you do not upgrade, you will be denied access to their awesome email marketing enhancement features.


As a newbie to the GetResponse platform, there are a few ways you can get acquainted. GetResponse has a user-friendly interface which makes it quite easy to navigate the platform. A customizable dashboard allows you to set up your interface as you desire.

If that is not enough, there’re video tutorials on how to get around the platform and access the various features, in addition to
their ‘Launchpad’ that allows you to pick your goal and shows you how to reach it.

There are also a couple of free courses made available which are particularly helpful if you’re new to email marketing.

The first of these courses is GetResponse’s List Building Course, a very practical course that initiates you into email marketing and unveils relevant tools available on their platform. The activities undertaken as part of this course are intended to make you reach the course objective of increasing your emailing list to at least 1,000 new subscribers within a 90-day period.

There is also GetResponse’s Strategic Email Marketing Course, a nine-day ‘quick impact’ course which provides relevant strategies intended to fast-track your your email marketing progress.

And there is an introductory webinar which guides you on an exploration of the various features available on the GetResponse platform.

These eyeopening activities are presented to you in a series of regular emails welcoming you to their platform after you sign up.

While  you are exploring the platform, you will be presented with the opportunity to import emailing lists you may have from other sources before getting down to building your own using GetResponse’s tools.


GetResponse’s pricing is function of the following three factors:

The Billing plan: Basic, Plus, Professional, or Enterprise

The Billing Period: Monthly, Annually (12 Months) or Bi-Annually (24 Months)

The List Size: 1 – 1,000; 1001 – 2,500; 2501 – 5,000; 5,001 – 10,000; 10,00 – 25,000; 25,001 – 50,000; etc.

Meaning, the price you are to pay is determined by the plan/features you wish to have, how often you wish to pay, and the number of emails on your mailing list.

Features included in each plan are as follows:

After choosing your plan (considering your needs) and deciding how often you wish to be billed for, the number of emails on your mailing list with be the determining factor of the price to pay. If you select a plan and opt to pay monthly, you will be billed every month as follows:

                                                                      P L A N

LIST SIZE                            BASIC              PLUS             PROFESSIONAL

1 – 1,000                                $ 15                  $ 49                      $ 99

1,001 – 2,500                         $ 25                  $ 59                      $ 119

2,501 – 5,000                         $ 45                  $ 79                      $ 139

5,001 – 10,000                       $ 65                  $ 95                      $ 165

10,001 – 25,000                     $ 145                $ 179                    $ 255

25,001 – 50,000                     $ 250                $ 299                    $ 370

50,001 – 100,000                   $ 450                $ 499                    $ 580

If you choose to be billed annually or bi-annually, instead, you will receive discounts of 18% and 30%, respectively, for any of the plans above.

Apart from the plans indicated in the above chart, there’s also an Entrprise Plan. The Enterprise Plan is for mailing lists of more than 100,000 and is subject to custom pricing, by means of a quote. With the Enterprise Plan, it is also possible to get 2 months free.

The prices listed above are arguably the best in the industry. There may be a number of other services with lower prices, but GetResponse beats them all considering the features that they offer at such prices.


Email Marketing is the heartbeat of GetResponse. As such, they have made available tools intended to help you achieve your email marketing objectives.

There’s an array of excellent email marketing tools available at GetResponse, including:

A. Tools for Communication

Email Creation

GetResponse’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to create emails with very little or no experience. It’s actually the editor that creates the emails, not you!


These are automated messages composed to respond to different situations. You can set them to be sent at designated time or upon specific actions on the part of your subscribers. Using autoresponders, for example, you can send a thank-you email right after someone signs up to your email list or purchases an item from your e-commerce store.


Allows you to get things done automatically after setting them up once. Autoresponders are a kind of automation, but automation is not limited to a single action followed by a reaction. You could build an entire sequence or ‘chain’ of events using automation.


GetResponse allow you to create and host webinars from right within your account, starting at the Plus plan. Being able to do so is quite advantageous. There are email marketing services which do not have this feature. As such, one pays for a separate webinar-hosting platform in addition to his / her email marketing service.

B. Tools for Growth

Signup forms

With hundreds of templates available, GetResponse allows you to create customizable signup forms for installation on your blog or website to enhance your list-building process.

Landing pages

GetResponse also allows to you build customizable landing pages with 100% responsive design within no time, using their easy drag-and-drop editor. There are dozens of templates, sorted out into categories which makes it easy to find one that suits your specific need.

The image below reveals the various categories:


With autofunnels, you can automate all of GetResponse’s other marketing tools in a marketing sequence, from driving traffic and getting customers to eventually getting paid. Once a funnel is set up, this automated process lives on without need for your intervention.


Images and Files

GetResponse offers thousands of free Shutterstock photos to use in your creations in case you do not have some of your own.


GetResponse has dozens of integrations that allow you to grow your business and especially get paid. Prominent among them are:

  • Worldpress
  • Amazon Payments
  • Clickbank
  • Etsy
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Paypal buttons
  • Shopify
  • Stripe
  • Square
  • WooCommerce


GetResponse provides statistics relevant to your email marketing campaigns. You can get to know the status of your sent emails, ads and landing pages, as well as relevant information on your subscribers’ behavior and reactions to your campaigns.

5. Other Benefits

Customer Support

GetResponse has great customer support, a 24/7 live chat feature that provides answers to your questions, as well as email support which replies to your inquiries in a quite reasonable length of time.

Affiliate Program

Like many online platforms, GetResponse has an affiliate program which allows you to get paid for referring subscribers to the platform. In fact, there are two affiliate programs:

  • Affiliate Bounty Program which pays one-time commission of $ 100 for every paid account referred, and
  • Affiliate Recurring Program which pays a 33 % monthly recurring commission,

in addition to their ‘refer a friend’ program which offers a $ 30 credit for each one who signs up.


As an online marketing platform, GetResponse presents a great opportunity to enhance your online marketing experience and grow your business possibly beyond your imagination. Though there are other online marketing platforms, what makes GetResponse unique is their ability to bring together the most effective internet business tools in one place and for one price.

With their recent platform refurbishment, they do not lack what is expected of an email marketing platform in 2020 and beyond. Though some of these excellent features may not be available with their Basic Plan, GetResponse proposes a solution in the form of upgrading to the Plus Plan – that is, if you become or are a more experienced marketer in search of more advanced features. But for the newbie, the basic Plan does suffice.

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