How do you start an online business with no experience?

As we’ve entered another year, the interest in online business keeps growing. People around the world want to know how to start an online business. But many of them face a challenge. They’ve never done it before! And so their question is: How do you start online business with no experience. Something I’m going to answer in this post. Let’s begin!

Step 1

There are different kinds of online business, and it’s always good to do the one you are most comfortable with. I explained in a past post that online business types are generally replicates of offline business. The main difference being that one is done on the internet while the other is carried out where it is located.

So it’s good to first identify the kind of online business you wish to do. I recommend this as the first step because if you get involved in a kind of online business that you identify with, chances are you will be dedicated to it. Something you need in order to succeed at the end of the day. So first do a Google search of the different kind of online business types, and see which one you will be comfortable doing.

Step 2

The second step is to sign up with a renowned training/learning platform.

This is your main duty, and there are two main points to consider here. First, do not try to do it on your own. You’ll waste an aweful lot of time trying to do so.

I know someone who tried for a number of years to make money online – all by himself. He knew a lot of things concerning the make-money-online space. But his problem was, he kept going in merry-go-round. He would start to follow ‘something’, go for a while, get discouraged because it didn’t give him the result he desired, then doubt if that’s the real thing.

After a while, he would give up, begin a new experience, and the same situation is repeated. He finally gave up on online business and resorted to business offline.

And secondly, sign up to a renowned training platform. You see when you do so, the training on that platform actually takes you in one direction – the direction of success. That is what the training was designed to do – unless you do not apply or complete it. Then that’s when problems come in.

Why “A Renowned Platform”

There are many platforms out there that will not serve you. Some are scams, and many others – especially online ‘gurus’ and online ‘solopreneurs’ – are not dependable. They know the stuff, but nearly all of them will not lead you to a tangible result. All they do is to entice you with ‘bits and pieces’ of information to get you to pay for a product or service of theirs.

They are the kind of guys you see a lot on Youtube talking about making money online. Sure there are others. For example, those who are recommending or referring you to a renowned platform. Those are not who I’m referring to.

Instead, those whose ‘training’ do not go beyond themselves. What they’re proposing is just at their level, and nothing beyond. Beware of such ‘mentors’. You’ll hardly get anything worthwhile from following them.

For that reason . . .

Go after renowned platforms, even if you have to pay a cost (most renowned platform are not free). So freebies should not be your focus. If you find a renowned platform where you need to pay a subscription fee, go ahead and pay it. It’s on this kind of platform that you can start an online business even if your have no experience or prior knowledge.

In conclusion

Being without experience is not an issue. I too was in such a situation when I started out. Imagine I was so much a novice to this whole online business stuff that I sent private messages to several members of the training platform where I had signed up, asking them to “summarize what online business is about”. Imagine that?

But here am I today, into online business, even mentoring newcomers. Who could have imagined that that was possible? But it was! Not because I am some superman, but simply because I integrated a renowned training platform which caused everything else to fall in place.

So it’s not impossible for you to start online business without experience. Just decide on what kind of business you would like to do online and integrate the right platform, and you too will become like the rest of us.

Where to find them

Such platforms do exist online. And they are the reason why so many have left from being complete newbies to income-producing onliners. In my case, the training platform was Wealthy Affiliate. They are an affiliate marketing platform, but their training encompasses everything that has to do with online business. There’re tons of information on all forms of online business both in the training and in posts by the uncountable membership. And the members are so willing to assist you as a newcomer that you will feel ‘at home’.

I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a place to start an online business with no prior experience.

In case you would like to explore Wealthy Affiliate for yourself, then click on this link. And if you have questions concerning starting an online business with no experience, then don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment area below. And I’ll be glad to respond to them.

Thank you for taking out the time to have read this post. All the best as you begin your online business journey.

4 thoughts on “How do you start an online business with no experience?”

  1. Hi Roddie:

    Thanks for the simple method you present in this post. I have not done online business before. But it’s a good idea to sign up for training because most times we fail in our attempts at achieving our goals due to lack of experience.

    1. You are right, Darius!

      Like in every other area of learning, it is important to be trained to succeed in online business.

      Thanks for visiting my website, and for leaving a comment.

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