How To Be Successful With Online Business: 5 Proven Steps


Every day, people sign up to do online business hoping to make some money online. But for many, online business remains far from being their cup of tea. Some have been involved in it for many years without progress. Many even quit when they realized that it was not what they had imagined.

As a result, you come across a lot of bad report concerning online business – all based on people’s experience. But does that mean everyone is having a bad experience? Certainly not!

Many are succeeding in online business like I’ve begun to do. And looking back, I can identify the steps that have led me to start making money from my online business. They are simple straight-forward steps which, when used as your strategy, will lead you to the good results that I am getting – or better ones.

In the post below, I share the steps with you in the hope that they will help you in your quest to become successful in online business.

Here they are:

1. Jump In!

Your first contact with online business is usually through someone, a platform, a community – by some means. Someone may have referred you; you may have clicked a link and was directed to some website, etc.

At that point generally, you don’t know what online business is all about. You hear new expressions, and most times, you seem lost. But that is how the beginning is for everyone. The first step tosucceeding is starting off.

So at that point, simply “jump in”! Immerse yourself in whatever is there to learn. Don’t focus on results yet. The goal here is to get acquainted with online business. You’ll start to learn important concepts by doing so.

You’re not going to do that forever. As you’re applying what is being taught and are learning the concepts of online business, do this second step.

2. Search for Answers

As you’re learning about online business, it is important that you go in search of answers. This demands a lot of research and asking questions. The goal here is to understand HOW things work.

There’s so much being taught about online business, and being new to the concept, you’ll surely have many questions to ask. I remember sending PMs to several advanced members in our online community asking for explanation on “how this whole thing works”. You may not use the same approach, but you must make the effort to understand how what you’ve signed up to actually works. This is key to your long-term success.

Researching and asking questions, and discovering new things are not meant to just know things. It is intended to allow you to ‘go after’ those answers – in this next step.

3. Experiment with the Answers

This is where Step 2 leads to: you trying out things.

Not sure if you’ve realized this? The most successful onliners are the most experienced/skilled. And it’s not a co-incidence. You need experience/skills in different aspects of ‘operating’ online to actually become successful.

How do you gain such experience/skills? From trying out different things – different platforms, different tools, things different from what you were introduced to at the beginning. To be successful online, you’ll need skills from different sources. It is those skills that will later give birth to your success.

It is usually at this level that first income online is made.

A very successful online marketer in our community wrote in this post: “ . . . don’t stop there, take the little nuggets of gold here and there and apply it, then go out and look for other ways to expand your knowledge.”

It doesn’t always come easy. Trying out some of the things you discover will sure cost you money. Yes, you’ll have to pay to apply some of what you come across. But all that is intended to lead you to the next step.

4. Identify what works

You will not succeed with all that you get involved with at the same rate. There are some platforms / tools you’ll sign up for but later realize that your expectations at the time of signing up were not met. There are others where you will succeed, but not greatly. They are some you’ll be comfortable working on /with, while with others, that will not be the case.

This step enables you to identify with works and what doesn’t; what you are okay with, and what you aren’t; what you think has potential, and what you think doesn’t. At this level, you’re considering the prospects in order to decide the direction to take with your online business.

And once you’ve identified that direction, simply . . .

5. Focus on it!

This is what is usually referred to as “Rinse and Repeat!” Yes, put more (or all – for some people) into the area with the potential. By this time, you would have known what it takes to become successful. Continue doing it. Scale up your business to the level you wish to see it at.

And if you should ask for more direction in addition to the steps listed above, I would say: return to Step 4 and pick up other things that you had discovered have potential and take then to Step 5.

At Step 4, it’s not only one thing you’ll discover that has potential. You’ll realize that there are a number. Apply Step 5 to each one of them as you can or wish. That’s where we start to talk of income streams.

That is what I’m practicing. I have taken the first activity to Step 5. But I also have a list of several others that I have the plan of doing the same with. I wish to first like to achieve a certain level with the current one. Once that’s done, I have the plan of returning to get the rest on the list over to Step 5 one after the other.

That is how you become successful with online business.

How long that will take you depends on how committed you are to the process, how fast you go from one step to another.

Here, I’ve summarized the process to help you grasp the concept easily. In practice, it is not as straightforward as that. It demands hard work for some time.

Those who are willing and able to go through all that’s required are those who get to become successful onliners.

I hope this article has made clear what you need to know about succeeding with your online business.

Do not hesitate to leave any comments and questions you may have in the comment box below. And I’ll be glad to respond to them.

Thanks for reading!

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