Make money consistently online

How to make money consistently online

Initial Experience Online

When people first hear of making money online, most of them don’t understand how it works. Some think that it is all stories. They’re like: “How can it be that people make money online?” But yes, that is what we do!

Online Business, Not Job!

I always try to tell the difference between “online business” and “online job”. I tend to say online job is “working” online and online business is “selling” online.

I’m speaking about making money consistently by doing online business. Online jobs for their part pay consistently as long as you get to keep them.

So in this article, I talking about making money consistently from an online business.

Many around the world are already making money from their online business. So many people are now accepting that it is possible for people to make money online.

The New Question

These days, in addition to “Do people make money online?” or “How to make money online?”, many ask “How to make money consistently online?”

And that is what I’ll be answering in this article.

Initial Experience

As usual, my personal experience.

I actively got involved in online business a number of years ago. Although I owned and was running a business offline, I was completely ‘blind’ to what online business was and how it worked – at the time.

There are many ways to make money online. Getting involved in any could lead to you making that first ever dollar(s) online. And that was what happened in my case. It took me just nine months to make my first money online.

The challenge came after that. It became difficult to make money regularly. I used to make some money and not make more for a long while. That continued until another experience led me to discover what I’m going to share with you here.

Later Experience

This was my experience. A successful online marketer had launched a course and he announced that the first I think it was 25 marketers who sold 100 copies would get a big incentive.

After I bought the course, I then realized that I would hardly sell any of it. A couple of days later, 25 other marketers had sold the required 100 copies each.

The Lesson

What did they possess that I didn’t? The answer to this question made the difference. That told the difference between me and the other marketers. And it distinguishes marketers who consistently make money online from the rest who either don’t at all or who do so infrequently. It causes others to always have results to show while others don’t.

I found out from that experience! Those who sold the 100 copies all had one thing that I didn’t. What is that thing? A market!

The Same Applies Offline

I’m not sure if you have some business experience from offline. But imagine that the successful marketer was a businessman offline. And he had given copies of a book to others to sell.

The most successful sellers would be those who know a group of people or a place where the books are in demand. That is what I call a market.

The Answer

In the online world, that “market” translates into followers. You make money consistently online only when you have a following/an audience/ a group of people who are interested in what you have to offer and are ready to pay for it.

Having a following (followers) results in consistent income online. Without a following, you only get some income whenever heaven smiles on you.

That is why newbies online generally don’t make consistent income. You have to have been around for a while to crack it. Time spent online is what is used to build a following. The longer you work on building a following, the more you’re setting yourself up for consistent income online.

How to do it!

A following can be built by any means online. When you hear marketers speaking of how awesome their email marketing campaign is, it’s because they have built a following in that area. YouTube, Tiktok, Facebook, even websites are all means you can use to build your following – an audience that you can influence to pay for something.

That is why Youtubers, Tiktokers, etc. are called influencers – because they influence others – in various respects of their lives including their spending.

That’s the way forward for anyone who wishes to make money online consistently.

They must first build a following and then see how they can sell / offer something to their followers in exchange for ‘cash’. That’s just it, and that is what has been my focus ever since I discover this ‘secret’.

What it takes

It does not happen overnight. It takes patience and perseverance – i.e. much time – to achieve it.

What is your following like in the niche where you want to make money consistently?

If it is still in its infancy stage, then sorry to say you won’t make money consistently online for a while. You may make some money sporadically. But when it comes to consistent income from your online activities, you haven’t reached to receiving it always.

What to do

If you have a low following, then you have to work on growing it. Do what you’ve been doing that gave you your current followers. Work until it becomes large.

If you already have a massive following and you’re still not making money online consistently, then my question is: “What are you waiting for?” Perhaps you are not employing any CTAs. So launch them in relevant locations, and before you know it, your desire of making consistent income online will become a reality.

Now, if you find it difficult to build a following or do not know what means to use to do that, then joining our online business community (OBC) will be good for you. That’s the kind of things we learn there. By going through the training, asking questions and learning from other members’ experiences, you will finish by adopting your own method – which will be the beginning of you building the following you desire. Details about our OBC in this article.

To join our online business community, CLICK HERE! Or if you have any questions or comments on the subject, leave them in the comment area below, and I’ll be very glad to respond to them.

Thank you for reading this article. Wishing you all the best in your quest to earn money online consistently.

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