How to Make Money with a Niche Blog

Interest in blogging continues to grow in spite of many people saying that blogging is no longer relevant. This tells that blogging is indeed still relevant.

As many continue to engage in blogging, our focus in this article is how to make money with a niche blog. A niche blog is a personal website that’s meant to inform, educate or entertain in a particular area of interest. A kind of what you’re reading through here.

Making Money Online

Let’s now see how you can make money with a niche blog. Let’s begin by looking at making money online.

To make money online generally, you need a “space” to operate from or in. We generally call that a platform. It’s either a place where you can perform some task (online job platform) or where you can “present” some offer and connect with potential buyers. A kind of market – in a way (online business platform).

Your blog can serve as your online business platform. In that way, there are many ways you can make money from it. I have two niche blogs. Let me share with you some money-making possibilities that exist on them. Some of which I’m already exploiting; others I’m working toward.

1. Affiliate Marketing

A popular way you can make money with a niche blog is affiliate marketing. Not sure if you’ve heard of that. You may consider this training that explains what it’s about in case you’ve never heard of it before. So yeah, you can make money from your niche blog with affiliate marketing.

On a niche blog, you write about things. Your writings are then discovered and visited by people who are interested in what you are writing about – like you’re doing now! They are really doing so in search of solutions to problem that they have. Many of such people are potential buyers of things that you may recommend.

If you’re an affiliate, you can recommend offers of companies to these people and when they buy, you make money by being paid commissions. Details of this process in the article linked above.

2. Google AdSense and Other Ad Networks

You can also make money by signing up with ad networks including Google AdSense. Such “partnerships” allow the ad networks to display ads on your niche blog and you’re paid according to their terms and conditions. See this article on Google AdSense for how that works.

3. Selling Your Own Products/Services

As I mentioned at the beginning, your niche blog is a kind of marketplace. Not just for promoting/selling other people’s things, but yours as well. You could develop your own products – ebooks for example – showcase them on your blog and get them sold. Your could also monetize your knowledge or expertise in the form of consultations on the basis of your niche blog.

In such cases, you may need to integrate other applications such as a payment gateway if you wish to sell directly from your blog or email marketing tools to allow you offer services such as consultations.

4. Memberships

If you provide value on your niche blog that is not easily gotten elsewhere, you could turn your blog into a membership site. A site where visitor pay to become members before they can have access. But you must provide exclusive content or offerings to attempt such.

5. Donations

Yes, donations are another way to make money from your niche blog. In this case, your blog visitors have to see that you are actually providing them with great value. This works well in cases where visitors are receiving a lot from your blog and are not monetizing the blog by other commercial means.


A niche blog is your personal online space that presents many ways to make money. It all depends on where your interest is and what means you’re comfortable using. Those highlighted in this article are not the only ways you can make money from your niche blog. Others sure exist. I’ve only focused on the most common which also exist in my case.


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