How to start internet business from home

As interest in internet business continues to grow, another preoccupation of those desiring to start internet business is HOW to start. Asking how to start means you already have what it takes to be online: the three Cs – computer (or other smart device), Connection (internet connection) and current (constant supply of electricity). It’s obvious in many parts of the world, but there are still many other places where these are luxury.

Starting a business offline

Having said that, let’s see how to start internet business from home. When starting a business offline, we are advised to identify a problem and solve it or identify a need and meet it. And some may think that that’s the same way to start an internet business. But it isn’t!

In this recent post, I explained – from experience – that the process of starting a business offline is NOT the same as online. I have experienced both so I’m in the position to tell the difference. When starting offline, you already have some experience with the environment, with your surrounding. So you could easily identify a problem to solve, a need to meet.

A different environment

Online, the environment is new – it’s virtual. Doing research, sending emails or posting on social media do not mean that you know the online environment I’m speaking about. There are levels of using the internet. What I’ve just named are all normal ways of using the internet. But those ways of using the internet can not be compared to the internet business environment.

To start online business from home, you therefore need to first familiarize yourself with the new environment before getting to the “solve a problem” stage that we know from offline. That is where the main difference between the offline business environment and the online business environment lies.

But how do you familiarize yourself with this new environment?

The way forward

To begin, I want to be frank with you: it is close to impossible to start online business all by yourself and succeed. As I mentioned earlier, the online business environment is new. It’s like a discipline like – say – medicine. Does anyone start practicing medicine without being taught? And even if he succeeds in some aspect of doing so (by observing), it will only be because he’s operating in a physical environment. He sees and tries to put into practice what he sees. Not possible online!

The online business environment

Online business is generally ‘carried out’ in private. Firstly, you hardly see what is being done. And in case you do, you simply won’t understand what’s going on. So you can not begin internet business on your own. How do you get to know relevant online business platforms, tools to use, strategies for success, just to name a few. You’ll need to be introduced / guided. There’s no way around that!

I’ve come across many out there who are trying to begin internet business all by themselves. I tell you: It’s a total waste of time. Most turn round and round and finally give up or resort to what I’m proposing here. The sooner you do what I’m saying, the better it is for you.

What you need

You need help to understand how online business works. It saves you tons and tons of hours. The help I got from others online is what has made my internet business successful. You too need help in the form of a serious mentor or a sincere community.

You remarked I said “serious mentor or sincere community”. The mentorship you receive could make or break you in internet business. Most so-called online business mentors are only after getting your money. They propose their courses or other products that pays them commission without having any real interest in your success. It’s easier to find a sincere community than a serious mentor.

To later become successful in online business, you need to firstly get the concept, and secondly, acquire skills and experience. Without these things, you will spend years in internet business without seeing any meaningful progress. To avoid wasting time, it is preferable that you seek out a serious mentor or a sincere community – one that will make – and not break – your online business foundation.

Get the right person or community (platform) will avoid you much headache and struggle down the road. This is the surest way to start an internet business with success in mind.

Where to find them

The question you may want to post is where/how to find such serious mentor or a sincere community. If I told you that I was one, you would start to scream “Scaaaaam! He’s saying all of this to get us to follow him.” So I’m not going to toot my horn here. But what I’ll do instead is to invite you to the online business community where I learned the concept of internet business, acquired great internet business training and now have valuable skills that are serving in my own internet business.

Just take a look at the community. There are a multitude of teachers/mentors there. Hopefully, that’s going to serve your purpose. In case you have questions concerning our online business community or starting an internet business, please leave them in the comment area below.

Wishing you all the best as you start your internet business.

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