How to Start a YouTube Channel

Do you have something unique to share with the world, and want to do so using the YouTube platform? Or have you seen interesting videos on Youtube and are moved to produce yours? Whether it’s one or the other, you must begin by having a YouTube channel.

A YouTube channel allows you to upload videos to the YouTube platform to be viewed around the globe. There are many benefits of owning a YouTube channel.

The Precondition

Prerequisite to starting a YouTube channel is owning a Google Account. There are many who own Google accounts without knowing that they actually do. For, example, if you have a gmail address, then you have a Google account.

Gmail is just one component of a Google account. There are several others, including Google Play, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Translate, Google News, Google Analytics, etc. The signing up process for all of these Google services are the same. So, in case you’ve signed up for any of such services by Google, then it means you already have a Google account.

But in case you haven’t, then you would need to get one, to begin with. It’s quite easy to create.

How to Create a Google Account

Go to Google’s official website ( or any of its variants depending on your country) and in the upper right-hand corner, click on Sign in, and on the page that opens, select Create Account or Use another account (if there’re other accounts listed) before finally selecting Create Account.

You’ll be prompted to create your Google account. Fill in the fields with your personal information, click the Next button wherever appropriate, verify your phone number, agree to Google’s ToS (if requested to) and eventually click the Create Account or Yes, I’m In button. That’s for those who do not have a Google account.

Also to Consider

Another thing to consider before starting a YouTube channel is your art. You must decide beforehand what your channel will be about, what you aim to achieve by starting it as well as who your targeted audience are. It’s important to consider solving an exiting problem or meeting a current need when deciding to start a YouTube channel. These are factors that would determine how sustainable your channel is going to be.

So, if you haven’t considered the above issues, try to do so before moving forward. Because once your channel is created, there’s no turning back.

Now that you have a Google account, if you’re done with the questions surrounding your desire to create a channel, then let’s get started on YouTube.

The Steps Involved

Follow the steps below to create your YouTube channel:

    1. Go to YouTube, and click on Sign in, at the top right corner of the screen. (Remember, signing in to YouTube is just the same as signing in to any of Google’s services that you’re subscribed to)
    2. Once signed in, click on the user icon in the top right corner of the screen (Note: The User icon has the picture you created your Google account with, or the first letter of your username with a sharp color surrounding)
    3. Next, click on the gear icon. That will take you to your YouTube Settings
    4. Click on Create a new channel on your settings page

There are two types of YouTube accounts: personal account and business account.

Depending on how you intend to use and manage your account, follow the appropriate instructions provided on YouTube’s Help page related to creating a YouTube channel.

YouTube has most issues addressed in the help section of their website. Articles in said section provide step-by-step instructions on how to get most – if not all – things done when it comes to setting up your YouTube channel.

Note: In the steps on the Help page, do not repeat any steps above that you’ve already been through.

With that, your YouTube channel has been created.

Next, you would have to fill in the about section and upload a profile picture.

This section requires a brief profile to introduce you to your future viewers and potential subscribers.

Create your channel art

Your channel art is the banner at the top of your YouTube page. It serves as your channel’s identity and gives a unique appearance to your page. Follow the instructions on the Help page to create your channel art.

Begin with what you have

The following two steps are the actual beginning of your YouTube journey. Everything before now has been done either in your mind, in conversations or on relevant websites. At this stage, you’re about to move to the aspect of production.

Many people have been held from starting a channel simply because they lack standard equipment. If you do have, then fine. But good thing is that there’s always substitution. Like with most of life’s endeavors, Youtubing allows you to use what’s available. Remember the saying, “a bird in the hand is worth two – I would say many – in the bush.

So, don’t fret if you don’t have state of the art technology handy. Begin with whatever devices and software you have (especially for filming), and as time goes by, you would acquire better ones. For example, in the absence of a video editing software, make maximum use of the pause feature, breaking at regular intervals to get your art in place when filming. You may also use your smartphone in place of an advance camera.

But do not wait to have the best equipment before starting off. That may never happen.

Create and upload your channel trailer

Your channel trailer is a brief video introduction to your channel. It tells new viewers what the channel is all about. It’s where your viewers get first impression about you, so do your best to present it very well.

Follow the instructions on the Help page to create and upload your channel trailer.

Create and upload your first content video

Your first content video marks the beginning of an endless series of publication dealing with your subject of discussion as you promised your audience in your channel trailer. Like the channel trailer, it is somewhat challenging to achieve, especially if it’s your first-ever YouTube channel.

However, as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” So though you may not get it all right, know that your art is going to improve with every subsequent production.

To upload your first video (as well as subsequent ones), click on the arrow  pointing upward (upload arrow) in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and follow the prompt.

Make your channel discoverable

For every video you upload, you’ll have to provide basic information such as a title, a description, and relevant tags. These aid in making your videos – and consequently your channel – easily discoverable on YouTube.

Prepare to “Spare Your Steed”

When you start a YouTube channel, you’re in it for the long haul.  So, don’t think that once your channel is up and running, then it’s all over. Not at all. That was why I presented you with questions for which you needed to find answers before embarking on your Youtube journey. Consistency is key to getting results. So know that you’ll need to upload video quite regularly. That is why you need a tangible reason to want to start a channel in the first place – to have what it takes to continue in it.


If you’ve applied the steps above, then you already have your YouTube channel up and running. Congratulations!

Remain consistent in content production, and continue to seek out ways to improve on what you’re doing. With your effort and a matter of time, you would begin to see the fruit of your labor.

All the best!


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