I don’t want work anymore but I need money

Does the title of this article sound like you? If yes, then two things:

  1. it’s not your fault, and
  2. you’re not alone!

You see, we are born into a system where, as kids, you are ushered into school without actually knowing why. And at the other end, some form of career training institution – college or university – awaits you. And it’s not for your pleasure! It’s meant to “prepare” you to take care of yourself until you can no longer do so – which they call retirement.

That’s a system that has existed for hundreds of years, with the great majority of people born into it. Like you, so many people are tired of working. They wish that had some immediate solution to escape the rat race.

But they don’t. Moreover, they still have to pay the bills, they still have to survive. So they’re faced with a dilemma: sacrifice their freedom for survival or risk their survival for freedom.

This is not an easy choice for many. Most people fear the consequences. And so they go with the option they are already familiar with although they hate it beyond words.

But like every challenge, there has to be a way out. Thankfully, we’re not living in primitive times when those who hated working were forced to continue doing it forever.

Today, they are alternatives. You just need to find them and accept to try them out. With this 2-step process, even if it takes some time before it happens, you will eventually experience something different from where you find yourself at the moment. Meaning there’s hope!

The alternative to working (for others) has always been working for yourself. But until now, working for yourself had a lot of challenges. For example, you needed a considerable amount of money to begin. Money to be spent on things like rent for the premises where your activity would be located, security – possibly, etc.

Then as you operate, there would be bills for services like electricity, telephone and the like, salaries for employees generally, etc. That is a major reason why many people who had the desire to stop working in the past simply didn’t. And even today, the same challenges still exist for those who are not aware of alternatives.

The technological reality of today’s world has reduced those hurdles for those who are not happy working. Today you have so many alternatives that can begin right away. You don’t have to have much money to do so.

The challenges in this case will be that they will not replace your current income from working immediately. If work as we know it could be substituted by an instant income producing activity, most companies and work places would be empty by now. But as we mentioned earlier, people have to survive while they are looking to transition from their current (hated) work to a worthy alternative.

So what is the way forward? How do you solve the problem of not wanting to work, but still being in need of the money?

Firstly, there’s hardly an immediate solution to this situation. As such, I would propose a 2-step plan that will allow you to achieve your dream.

Before taking a step, you must first accept the reality and agree to live with it for a while. Keep working to ensure you keep getting the money to meet your needs. If you should stop working abruptly, you will lose your livelihood. So stay on and lets consider a logical plan to begin the process of quitting.

The 2-step process involves the short-to-medium-term and the long term. The short-to-medium-term involves finding a possible replacement for your current income. You must find some activity that will provide your livelihood up to the long term. It may not be a replacement as such. But an income that would enable you to survive while you work on the long term in the second step.

We’ve mentioned that the most logical substitute for working is having your own activity. We also said that having your own activity – as we know it – is quite expensive to undertake, but that the era we live in provides the means to achieve it.

That means is the internet! Instead of spending considerable amounts on things like rent, possible franchise, salaries, etc., you can opt for a freelance role with online market places like Upwork or Fiverr – for a start. If approached well, this activity can eventually provide that much needed income up to some time in the near future.

Although this is done online, you may not appreciate it entirely as you may desire something you can call yours. But from the point of view of work, you will appreciate it more than you current work.  This is meant to put the money concern under control.

Then for the long term, you will have to enage in an activity that will not only replace your freelance activity and income later, but will be something owned by you – something you will do that will make you feel fulfilled.

That too is available online. There are many of such activities. You need to begin to build them now, to reap the benefits in the future. A community like Wealthy Affiliate provides training that can help you do that. Not only are you taught affiliate marketing on the platform, you have access to a myriad of experience in other members. Something, if exploited properly, will make you quickly earn a living online.

Simply try out Wealthy Affiliate training course and community to get an insight into solutions to quitting work.

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