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Disability Today

Disability is not the end of life! In fact, in many cases, it serves as a source of inspiration – and life – to many. You only need to watch certain films to recognize the role that a disabled person can play in society. With that, is online business for the disabled as well?

Many years ago, things were not as they are today. Disability was synonymous with hopelessness. Not only were the disabled not able to move around on their own. If they did, they would hardly find a means to ensure their livelihood. This caused so many disabled individuals to be discouraged about the prospects of life.

But today, the situation has changed! The disabled are countless times more productive than in the past. A disabled person can now do what was previously unimaginable. He can be a resource person, not only for his community or service as was the case in the past, but for others thousands of miles away.

Today, the disabled can be employed from home by talent-seeking entities; he can engage in freelancing online; he can even own and run his own business online. All this, thanks to the internet!

The Scope of Business Today

Currently, there are more than 5 billion internet users, most of whom are in search of answers to questions they have. Their preoccupation could be something as simple as how to add three digit numbers or as complex as conducting a full-fledged research on an extensive topic. But they know where to turn.

Nowadays, everyone is aware that the internet is where you find answers to questions. Or should I say solutions to problems? And the answers or solutions are being provided not by God – but by other human beings who are simply more knowledgeable on the subject matter concerned.

The Online Business Opportunity

The disabled are not exempted from playing such a role in today’s world. Activity on the internet does not require physical strength or mobility. What it requires are knowledge and skills. There’s something the disabled know that others are in search of out there – skills they have that are in demand.

Whenever something is in demand as knowledge and skills are today, it is an opportunity to launch a business initiative. As a matter of fact, when something is greatly in demand, people are prepared to pay for it.

What do you “have” as a disabled person that you think others are in need of, even if they aren’t close to you? The answer to this question could being a turning point in your life.

Other Possibilities

As I mentioned earlier, you could be employed from home. By searching for job opportunities on online job portals, many disabled persons have found a job of their liking. Such jobs include administrative assistant, computer programmer, accountant, etc.

Others sign up to marketplace websites and are recruited as freelancers. Major freelancing opportunities include data entry clerk, virtual assistant, graphic designer, writer, etc. So if you have skill set in any of the areas listed above, you could opt for a role as one of them.

Online Business Prospects

But not all disabled are in search of job opportunities. Others wish to be their own boss and experience the freedom that comes with it.

As there are online job opportunities, there are also online business opportunities. For example, you could sign up to be a “salesperson” for entities selling their products and services online. There are tons and tons of them. That’s what’s known as affiliate marketing: you “lead” people to buy from a company and you get paid commissions for doing so.

You could also sell products you buy from a supplier and ship them to your buyer without you having to store the product. Much less headache, isn’t it? That’s what’s referred to as dropping shipping. It’s another kind of online business.

More prospects

There’s also the possibility of you developing your own product or designing someone else’s. Your own product could be an ebook, sharing your knowledge on a subject of your choice. It could be in the form of audio or video, treating a particular subject that’s in demand.

You could also contribute to the design of other people’s products. There are many physical products whose owners solicit partnership online in order to get appropriate designs. They make the products, you produce the design, they print your design onto the product, and sell it; and you get your share of the sales / profit.

Business opportunities are unlimited on the internet. People are making money from unimaginable ways. You only need to have a dedicated following (i.e. followers) and exploit it rightly to begin to gain a considerable amount of income in the process.

What the problem usually is

However, most times, those who are new to online business have ideas that they could monetize, but their problem at the beginning is usually the skills require to market the result of those ideas online. You only need to get the right training to learn how to do that. There are so many online business training platforms. Their training usually focuses on a particular online business type. However, there are skills and knowledge they provide that you could use outside their area of focus as you see it fit.

Training is available

One of such online business platforms is Wealthy Affiliate – a platform that provides great affiliate marketing training that can be used far and wide beyond the scope of affiliate marketing. It is their training that has enabled me not only to become a sound affiliate marketer, but also to build a reasonable following online and be able to monetize that following in different ways.

You can benefit from such awesome training and experience for yourself what is in it. Join Wealthy Affiliate here! I guess you won’t regret it!

Wishing you the very best as you try to create your online business or expand an existing one while being disabled.

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