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It is quite normal for a new onliner to ask for proof that money can be made online – as the rest of us claim. Not only does it convince/reassure him; it also inspires him to give the internet more consideration.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says: “To know the road condition ahead, ask those coming back.” So the best people to ask about making money online are those who have been there.

Later in this post, you’ll access a list of successful online businesses stories. But without mine, I don’t think that list will be complete. So let me relate how I started-off online, and how things have turned out.

How I started my online business

I began my online business journey around five and a half years ago. I had received an email from an online community I was a part of, inviting me to a webinar on how to make money online. It was first of its kind for me.

I got myself set for the event, and sat in front of my computer for over four hours, listening to accounts by various speakers concerning their experiences in the MMO (Make Money Online) space.

The webinar concluded with the invitation to sign up for a course which cost more than a thousand dollars. I didn’t have funds saved anywhere and would not attempt to borrow it based on experience; I therefore did not sign up.

Webinar Paves the Way

One thing I left the webinar with, however, was knowledge – not on how to make money online, but rather what search terms to use to continue my research regarding the MMO industry, as I previously couldn’t imagine that such a sphere even existed on the internet.

My Pyramid-like Training Program Experience

A couple of weeks later, those ‘keywords’ led me to a quite flamboyant and appealing pyramid-like training platform where one needed to pay even more than what the webinar course cost, to have the chance of earning something.

Moreover, just remaining in the program – whether you were succeeding with it or not – required a considerable monthly fee, which I simply couldn’t afford. (I guess you can releate!)

In that program, I was assigned an online coach whose role was to introduce me to MMO and answer questions I had as a ‘newbie’. But instead of doing just that, the coach insisted that I start promoting the program by creating YouTube videos. Imagine being asked as a complete newbie to make videos on something you have no idea about.

He was more concerned about me upgrading to a paid membership because – as I later realized – in doing so, he would have earned more commissions.

But once again, I still couldn’t mobilize the funds needed. I therefore fortunately withdrew from the program a couple of months after the trial period.

To tell you the truth, for the newbie I was at the time, if I had reasonable amounts of money available, I would have certainly subscribed to that ‘high ticket’ offer – and lose good bit of cash.

But thankfully, I didn’t have the amount required. So I continued searching.

Finding an alternative

Persistence led me to discover a quite reasonable online business platform that cost a fraction of those previous offers. A number of months later, I signed up. On that platform, I was introduced to a business model, which I’ve since learnt, and which has propelled me into success online. That online business model is AFFILIATE MARKETING.

To say the truth, I had been so enticed by the platform and lifestyle of those supposedly succeeding in my previous pyramid-like program that I initially didn’t think affiliate marketing was a viable option. But with time, all that started to change.

I have since recognized the value affiliate marketing offers.

Other Gains

There are other gains I got in the process: training and guidance, website building and SEO, as well as communities I’m a part of.

What I think has been the most rewarding is the creation of my brand in a niche I’m passionate about. Not only is it self-fulfilling; there is a high earning potential it offers. Making money online is great, but doing so by means of your own products and or services is beyond words. That should be the desire of all onliners. That’s the prime of making money online.

And fortunately, that what I’m currently stepping into thanks to the training and support I received from the online community I’m a part of. Because of them, today I own and run a successful online business which provides me with a few income sources at a time of such global uncertainty and widespread financial difficulty.

How things are

It’s usually said that a picture worths a thousand words. So I’m not going to explain. Here’s a recent income proof from my few online income streams:

Online Businesses Success Stories

And then finally, as promised at the beginning, below is the link to the successful online businesses stories.

Be inspired to start or continue your online business journey as you read through them.

Access them by clicking here (and then scrolling down the page that opens): ONLINE BUSINESS SUCCESS STORIES.

Wishing you the very best in your endeavors online!

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