What’s MLM about?

What’s MLM? Multi-Level Marketing or MLM – for short – is a business model where salespersons are recruited to sell an entity’s products or services, and in most cases, recruit other members to do the same, in order to be paid commissions. Those recruited into an MLM get paid commissions for sales they carry out, … Read more What’s MLM about?

How do people make money on the Internet?

The “Information Age” You’ve probably heard the phrase “Information Age”. Do you know what it means? Many people don’t. And I must confess that I was one of those “many people” for a good number of years. But as time went by, my perception of “Information Age” changed. I got to understand that it actually … Read more How do people make money on the Internet?

About Me

Hi, my name is Trodvies. I’m a member of an awesome online business community; and the owner of this website, a platform set up to guide those who wish to start an internet business (aspiring online entrepreneurs) or are new to it, as well as a lend hand to struggling online entrepreneurs. I can relate … Read more About Me