The One thing you need to experience success online

Hi. Today, I’m discussing the one thing you need to experience success online. Let’s begin!

I’ve indicated this in many of my articles: most of what I write on this website are (based on) my personal experience. Here’s another one – an experience I had which serves as the basis for me writing this article.

A couple of years back, I developed a few products to sell on my other website – not this one. I was receiving a decent amount of traffic on the site and I made a lot of effort inviting my site visitors to buy the products. I didn’t succeed in getting anyone to do so.

I had had problems setting up payment means on the website. After working for days trying to get a payment gateway functioning properly in case someone wanted to pay for the products, I realized that the payment gateway set up was not effective. I therefore had to disable it and cease the publicity. I decided to “dismantle” everything, and continue with other things.

Around six months later, I set out to uninstall the e-commerce plug-in I had installed to have my products sold. That was when the unexpected showed up. My attention was drawn to something in the settings of the plugin: a purchase attempt dating back to the time I had tried to sell the products.

Someone had tried on two occasions to pay for one of my products, but failed due to the faulty payment set-up. That was the aha moment for me! I was shocked to learn of what had happened without my slightest knowledge over six months earlier. I was even more stunned to know that the work I had done had actually appealed to someone who was in need of the product and who had decided to purchase it.

I hadn’t given up or retreated because of discouragement, so I may not be compared to the treasure digger who gave up only one hit away from reaching the treasure deposit. But my discovery taught me an invaluable lesson and left a lasting impact of me. Firstly, it made me to discover the most important thing you need to have to experience success online. And secondly, it has provided the much-needed fuel for success in my online business endeavors.

Currently, I’m making money online from two streams, and I’m working on others. In every one of those ventures, including posting articles on this website, the thought that someone may be “following” is constantly on my mind. If it should ever cross my mind to want to double down my efforts, I’m reassured at the thought that a potential customer may be watching from the other end of the internet.

Many online entrepreneurs and marketers have given up because they did not get such an experience that I got. If online entrepreneurs and marketers were to be assured that at the end of what they are working towards, lies success, we would have had many more success stories than we now have. If in the case of every entrepreneur or marketer online, it is established that this is what / how long it will take for you to become successful, many would accept to make the sacrifice, and stick to what they started.

If they are just given the assurance that they are headed in the right direction, that what they’re doing will eventually work out, many wouldn’t look back. But most don’t get that assurance. And so they give in to fear, doubt and discouragement.

It is true that there are several things you need to have in place in order to experience success online.

For example, you need to work hard. You can not escape from that. Making money online doesn’t come easily. You must work a lot if you wish to make money online. And even more if you want to do so consistently. I know that because there are days when I spend more than 10 hours in front of the computer just to make money.

Another thing you need to succeed with your online business is knowledge. You need to get a clear understanding of how online business works before you can actually approach it the right way and begin to succeed.

You also need skills. You must know how to do certain things in order to experience success online. Skills acquired are what marks the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful online entrepreneur or marketer.

All that is true, but my experience made me to understand that the most important thing you need to actually begin to experience success is the firm belief that what you’re now doing has success waiting at the other end. It is this mindset that you need the most to experience whatever your dream is in the online business world.

I have embraced this mindset – from that experience – and that is what has made possible two income streams for me with many others on the rise. My accounts on this site will include all of that in the future as I go about achieving them.

This ends this article. I hope you were impacted by it.

You may leave a comment or question in the comment area below or consider my suggested article that goes in the same direction. It’s going to provide you with more insight on how to be an achiever online.

Thanks for reading through. Wishing you all the best as you endeavor to experience success online.

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