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Hi! Call me Roddie. I’m an online entrepreneur, educator and marketer; and the creator and owner of this website.

The Online Alternative is a platform especially for those who wish to start off or who need some form of guidance online – whether they’re interested in online entrepreneurship or business, or simply want to get their business online. I’m talking about:

  • youngsters wanting to take their destiny into their own hands;
  • employees in search of freedom and fulfillment;
  • retirees desiring extra income or wholesome activity;
  • artists, designers, business owners;
  • etc.                            .   .   .   that’s virtually everyone in today’s world!


The Idea behind this website

We live in a world where society imposes what it believes is the “only path” to success. People think that the only way to succeed is to go to school and then find a job.

I remember how whenever I was reluctant to learn my lessons as a kid, my mother would say, “Do you want to be that person’s servant? If you don’t want to learn your lessons, you will end up working for them.” It’s this kind of things society tells us.

There are millions of people who really want something other than what society is imposing on them. They don’t necessarily wish to be super rich. All they want is to lead their “ideal” life. To spend time with their family. To rest when they want. To have the means to respond when there’s a need. And to be of assistance to others in need when the opportunity arises.

Unfortunately, they just can’t. Such people need a hand to pull them out of their current life. They need enlightenment to guide them in the right direction.

My Mission

My mission is to do just that! To let you know that there are other options in life.

I “unveil” a different way! A way used by only a few, but which leads to freedom. Freedom to act when you want to. Freedom to apply your own ideas, not others’. Freedom to achieve self-fulfilment. In short, freedom to live your dream. That’s the primary goal here!

There are also new onliners who are having a hard time like I did when I started out. Every now and then, you read accounts of how people spent a fortune on quite costly online business courses to no avail. Something that could have been avoided!

My experience has made me to know that one important thing you need to succeed as a new onliner is ‘meeting’ the right person. Someone with experience, knowledge, know-how and the will to assist. Such a mentor usually saves you thousands of dollars as well as priceless time and effort. I was once where you are; let me be your mentor.



What you find on this website

On this website, you find guidance for the new onliner. I do not claim to be an expert, but my aspirations and experiences gotten over the years certainly empower me to handhold ‘newbies’ on their online journey.

On this site, you’ll also find my personal journey online documented in the form of articles – including challenges, lessons learnt as well as successes – to inspire you; and solutions you can choose from based on your needs. I publish posts that are a source of online business education, online entrepreneurship, inspiration, as well as guidance for starting out and eventually building a successful business online.

Affiliate Disclosure

I am an affiliate of a number of affiliate programs (see definition here). As such, some of the links found in posts on this site are affiliate links leading to relevant products or services. Subscribing to (or purchasing) those offers by means of such links may earn me some commissions – at no extra cost to you – that help me to keep this site online.

My affiliation with affiliate programs however does not constrain me to make false claims or misleading statements. I remain objective when I endorse products and services, and only suggest tools and platforms that I believe will be of help to you on your online journey.

Having said that, here’s . . .

My Story (if you don’t mind)

I was born and raised in a lower middle class family. And as such, it would have been quite normal for me to follow in my parents footsteps by seeking employment with a local company, establishing a family – yea, another lower middle class family; and working for that company for possibly the rest of my life.

But that was not my vocation. I believe that education is rightly employed when its impact goes beyond the ordinary, when it creates a unique individual – one different from every other; one who does things differently from the crowd. And that is who I’ve always aspired to be, because that leads to a world of unexpected – yet amazing – possibilities.

My Lifestyle

So I chose the entrepreneurial lifestyle – a path accessible to all, yet taken by just a few. Today, I’m a successful online entrepreneur and marketer. Not only do I already have a few income sources online; I’m developping my own products and services that have a far greater earning potential – which makes me feel fulfilled.

Yes! I’ve taken the “road less travelled” that Robert Frost talked about in his poem the Road Not Taken, and “that has (actually) made all the difference.”


Your concerns are mine!

If you have any questions or comments; or you just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line in the comment area below. I’ll be very glad to respond to you. There is a special feeling I get when I contribute to the success of others, and therefore will not mind pointing you in the right direction.

You may also CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to join the following online training platform where I’m a Premium member.

Thanks for visiting theonlinealternative.com; you’re always welcome to do so.

To your success online!

– Roddie                                                                                                                                Online Entrepreneur, Educator & Marketer                                                                          @ theonlinealternative.com

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