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The Real Online Business

In this previous post, I defined online business as any business that is mainly based (and operated) online. So someone who is involved in promoting an online platform for example and who goes about searching for referrals online may boast of having an online business, cos his activities are mostly or entirely taking place online. Such is what is generally referred to as online business. But is that the real online business?

Two Definitions

The word business has two main definitions related to people’s activities:

real online business

1. what a person does;

2. a commercial activity owned by a person.

‘Online business’ as it is widely understood is taken in the context of the first definition of business. That is, what a person does online, and not a commercial activity owned by the person. People usually join online groups, communities, platforms, etc. that they promote and earn commissions. These are all referred to and regarded as online business – still in the first context.

If taken in the second context, however, most online businesses will not be considered as such for the fact that the businesses in question are not owned by those promoting them. Those who boast of having an online business will rather be workers if taken in the second context of business.

That’s why we say: “there is online business, and there is online business!” I am into different types of ‘online business’, so I’m able to tell the difference. And in this post, I’ll tell you what the real online business is.

Online Business vs Working Online

The general perception out there is that when you are working online for a company that is based offline (for example, a company hires you to work remotely instead of going to their office), then that is online job. And if it’s an online-based platform (like the different communities, groups, etc. that we sign up to to make money online), then it’s online business. That is how things are generally understood at this point in the development of online money-making activities.

But is that right?

In the context of the first definition of business above, then yes. But when taken in the context of the second, then no, it’s not!

The platforms, tools, communities, etc. that people sign up for are not theirs. This leads us to saying most of what is referred to as online business are actually not online business.

If that is the case, then what is the real online business?

The Real Online Business

According to the second definition above, an activity is your business when you own it. I have seen active members locked out of platforms, suspended from communities, have their accounts closed, and the like. Such people would say they had online business. But who do such things happen to? From experience, it’s workers (or employees), and not business owners. In fact, the owners are the ones who lock out the ‘non-owners’.

Based on that, we can say that the real online business you can boast of is one that you own and are full in charge of.

In your real online business, YOU decide how the business functions; for example, if you need workers or not; YOU determine your prices/ how much you get paid. In short, you make ALL or ALL THE BIG decisions – like Elon Musk with Twitter – currently. When it’s the same in your online business, then that’s your online business – your own online business.

Making money online doesn’t necessarily mean you have an online business. What would make you to have a real online business is if the business is your own.

Now, the ultimate goal of every onliner is to have a business that they really own and are in charge of.

How to Start A Real Online Business

So, the next question is: how do you start such a real online business? And the answer is: by creating it yourself – just how every group, platform, community and the like out there was created by someone – their real owner(s). You too can do the same!

It may be a challenging task. Being the owner comes with responsibilities. Earlier I mentioned you making all the (big) decisions, but it’s not just about decision-making. It’s also about implementation – the harder part. You will have to ensure that things happen, and happen as you wish – the real challenge.

It may be quite a challenge; that doesn’t make it impossible to achieve. The best way to realize such an online business is by starting small – and then expanding later. The size of the business doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s your own, and not someone else’s. That’s the real online business!

There is a great model of this kind of online business I’m currently using, and I guess you will find it interesting and helpful. In an upcoming post – probably the next one – I wish to present it to you and provide you with the steps on how to create it. Look out for that post.

And just in case you desire having the right foundation for creating the real online business, then get it here.

Wishing you all the best in your online business endeavor!

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