The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020

You may have probably read my account of how I discovered and joined Wealthy Affiliate a couple of years ago.

Below are ten reasons why a newbie affiliate marketer – as I was at the time – should give some thought to signing up with Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Step-by-Step Training

A striking feature Wealthy Affiliate offers is their step-by-step guided training. The training is divided into two courses:

The Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) Course which gives you the freedom to choose a niche, build a business around it, and join relevant affiliate programs and market their products and / or services, in order to earn commissions; and the Bootcamp Course which is MMO-specific, and allows you to become an affiliate of the Wealthy Affiliate platform.



Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses are particular helpful if you are a complete newbie in the online Affiate Marketing space. What each training module does is, it first explains to you the essence of what they are doing at that level.

The explanation is immediately followed by tasks that allow you to apply what is being taught, which is a proven teaching method as the learning pyramid shows that most learners only remember about 10% of what they read, but retain around 75% of what they learn from practicing.

Skipping lessons is not an option because each module and its associated task is not just intended to give you a mastery of the topic being covered; it constitutes a piece of the overall affiliate marketing puzzle that you would undoubtedly need in your quest to become a successful online marketer, as members usually realize some time later.

There are also tons and tons of training materials on a diversity of affiliate marketing-related topics which one could use to broaden his/her knowledge on the subject. A weekly webinar is also held on a current subject of interest as identified by the host and trainer.

Past webinars are available for replay for Premium members, and includes countless hours of training on any internet marketing topic imaginable.

2. Quite Reasonable Pricing

The price is Factor Number One that has kept me at Wealthy Affiliate. Unlike other affiliate marketing and online business platforms you come across, Wealthy Affiliate has quite affordable prices, especially considering the value that one gets in return.

Prices at Wealthy Affiliate are function of one’s membership. There are two kinds of membership: Starter and Premium. The Starter membership is absolutely free. It allows you to test drive ALL the features of the Platform for seven days. At the end of the seven-day trial period, the Starter member will lose access to a number of the Platform’s key features.

If he/she decides to upgrade their membership to Premium during their first month as a Starter member on the other hand, they receive a 59% discount, thereby allowing them to pay only 19 dollars for their first month of Premium membership.

Each subsequent month of Premium membership costs 49 dollars. This price also applies to a Starter member who doesn’t upgrade within the first month.

There are also possibilities of a biannual price of 234 dollars and a yearly price of 359 dollars for the Premium membership. These possibilities would make the monthly equivalent to be 39 dollars and 30 dollars, respectively.

The best price offered by Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years now has been their Black Friday price. It has been fixed at 299 dollars. That’s 25 dollars per month on average; 82 cents (less than one dollar) a day.

An advantage of the Black Friday offer has been that subscribers to the deal are locked in at that price for life, meaning if ever there’s an increase in the price of the Black Friday deal in the future, subscribers to the current 299 dollars price will not be affected by the price change; they will still pay 299 dollars for their annual membership.

Someone may argue that there are lower prices elsewhere. That may be true, but what you shouldn’t forget is, price is in relation to what you are getting in return. Wealthy Affiliate’s pricing is quite reasonable when you consider what you get in return as discussed in the points below.

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3. The Community – Lifeline to Your Business

“Life” within the Wealthy Affiliate community can not be overemphasized. As a community of several hundred thousand active members across all time zones, the Wealthy Affiliate community never sleep.

As long as it is in the context of learning, there is no shortage of help. There are always members available for whatsoever reason they may be needed for.

You have access to top affiliate marketers, most of whom are available to listen and help out if you request their intervention.

I have personally benefited from the assistance of dozens of more experienced members and have helped out less experienced ones only because that’s the spirit that prevails within the community.

Most importantly, I think the Wealthy Affiliate Community is a gateway to other online business opportunities.

By interacting with experiences members, reading their blogs/accounts (a sort of lifeline to your online business) and following their training and advice, you are most often pointed towards other programs that they are a part of, and which would assist you, not only in exploring other possibilities, but which may constitute potential income sources.

4. Affiliate Program and Commissions

Apart from having the possibility of being an affiliate of thousands of affiliate programs/networks, you could also be an affiliate of the platform itself. By doing so, you get one of the most appealing commission structures in the affiliate marketing industry. Wealthy Affiliate’s referring process and commission structure are as follows:

You invite someone and they join Wealthy Affiliate as a free Starter member.

If you are a Starter member yourself, the commissions you get are:

Your (each) Referral’s First Month Discounted Price: 19 dollars ==> Your Commission = 4 dollars
Your (each) Referral’s Recurrent Monthly Subscription: 49 dollars ==> Your Commission = $11.25 monthly

Your (each) Referral’s Recurrent Bi-annual (6 months) Subscription: 234 dollars ==> Your Commission = 54 dollars biannually
Your (each) Referral’s Recurrent Yearly Subscription: 359 dollars ==> Your Commission = 87.50 dollars yearly

If you are a Premium Member, you get the double of the above commissions and can take part in the 1 dollar credit program, which allows you to earn from free Starter members you refer who set up their accounts; you also earn from each domain your referrals buy.

Here is the Premium Member Commissions Structure:

Each referral of yours who setups their account ==> 1 dollar
Each Domain bought by your referrals ==> 1 dollar
Your (each) Referral’s First Month Discounted Price: 19 dollars ==> Your Commission = 8 dollars

Your (each) Referral’s Recurrent Monthly Subscription: 49 dollars ==> Your Commission = $23.50 monthly
Your (each) Referral’s Recurrent Bi-annual (6 months) Subscription: 234 dollars ==> Your Commission = 108 dollars biannually
Your (each) Referral’s Recurrent Yearly Subscription: 359 dollars ==> Your Commission = 175 dollars yearly

Commissions you earn from Wealthy Affiliate are paid to you on the 1st of every month.

Unless they opt to unsubscribe from Wealthy Affiliate, your referrals remain your referrals forever; you never lose them to “higher ups” as is the case on some multi-level pyramid platforms.

5.  Access to Affiliate Programs and Networks

Perhaps the most interesting component of Wealthy Affiliate’s training is the introduction to Affiliate programs/ networks.

Once members get to a certain level in the training, as part of their task, they are ushered into joining affiliate programs/networks which are in the thousands, and are available in every niche one could imagine. It is by this means a member usually starts to earn income online.

It must however be noted that a member has much responsibility in making this happen. The training gives you “the how”, but your consistency in applying the methods taught and techniques learned is what would guarantee your earning. As I usually say to new members, “you must first learn, (and apply), for you to earn.

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6. Keyword Research Tool

A key requirement to publishing relevant affiliate marketing material online is your use of keywords.

Keywords are search terms: words (and especially) phrases people type into search engine search bars when they are looking for something online. Determining keywords that are highly searched for and creating articles to that effect enables such articles to appear in search results when folks are looking for something related.

How do you as a website owner get to know which keywords are frequently searched for to tailor your articles? That where a keyword research tool comes in handy. Not only does it provide information of higher searched for keywords, it also tells you which ones are greatly used by other website dealing with the same topic as yours.

Jaaxy is Wealthy Affiliate’s key word research tool. It doesn’t just do the above; it provides you with much more information. Thus allowing you to make important decision on whether or not to target particular keywords when creating articles.

7. Website Building, Hosting and SEO

Wealthy Affiliate members are led via the training to create and run their own websites. It is by means of the website that buyers are put in contact with goods and services they are in search of. That’s the basis of the Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing training.

But Wealthy Affiliate is not about affiliate marketing only. A Premium member has the possibility of creating and or hosting as many as 50 websites: 25 on free domains, and 25 on paid domains, with tens of thousands of website designs and “add-on” features you would expect to pay for. But all that is added advantage to the Premium member.

You do not need to have any technical skills. There are 100s of training modules available to help you comfortable use WordPress. Neither are you obliged to use all of those available sites personally.

There are members whose business is to “sell” and manage those websites on behalf of interested persons or entities, for a recurrent income; that’s a whole different profitable business, provided you identify interested clients.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you also learn how to rank your website with search engines.

There are numerous training sessions including live webinars which focus on using keywords to rank your website; i.e. to have it appear on the first page of search engines results. The long term benefit of this technique is that you get relevant traffic to your website that is absolutely free.

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8. Help and Support

Wealthy Affiliate’s Help Center comprises the following features”

Site Support

You do not need to be an expert when it comes to solving your website technical problems. SiteSupport, a 24/7 service is available for that – with no extra cost. Whether you want to insert a code to get ads appearing on your website, or repair a malfunction, a mail to Site Support is only what is required to have the issue addressed.

Ask a Question

This feature allow you to get answers on any issue from community members who are more experienced in the specific area.

Live Chat

Live chat is a live 24-hour space where members hang out in order to socialize and help out. Questions you have as a new member or even an old member get more quickly responded to in Live Chat.

Private Message

All is not done in public at Wealthy Affiliate. This feature allows you to communicate with any member in private, in case your subject of discussion is confidential.

Premium Coaches and Top Helpers

In Help Center, you are also “introduced” to your Premium coaches (your Referrer; and Platform owners: Kyle and Carson)

as well as each day’s top helpers with the community.

9. Technology and Performance Tools

The level of technology on which the Wealthy Affiliate platform is built provides a number of advantages.

For example, your personal performance is not just tracked at Wealthy Affiliate; it is made available to you in the “My Stats” feature. There, you see your earnings, your next paycheck, etc., and get to know details relating to clicks, sales, your referrals, etc.

Automated messaging to your referrals is also a reality made possible by Wealthy Affiliate’s technological advancement. You can also create custom pages for your website intended to “comfortably” lead referrals to the Platform.

Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteSpeed feature enables instant web page loading which is key to a higher ranked website and a great visitor experience. The SiteProtect feature provides a layer of protection against the three ways hackers are susceptible of ruining your website: comment spam, back office infiltration, and website load speeds.

SiteHealth, for its part, displays the overall health of your website including publishing frequency, content quality, visitor engagement, Google rankings, etc; while Site Feedback allows you to get feedback from other members regarding their experience on your website, giving you the chance to improve in areas that are less than satisfactory.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are also introduced to and or taught the relevance and functionalities of Google Analytics, a service offered by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic information, including how visitors arrived on your website, how long they stayed on the site, the pages they visited, their geographical location, etc.

Google Analytics also provides information about visitors currently on your site. A Google Analytics user’s account can contain up to 50 websites.

10. Site Comment and Credits

Another resource present at Wealthy Affiliate is the website engagement feature, commonly referred to as Site Comments, which allows you to give and receive comments on other members’ website and on yours, respectively. Only engaging – and not generic – comments are acceptable on the platform.

In order to receive one comment, you must first give two. When you offer a comment on a member’s website, you earn one Wealthy Affiliate credit. You need two of these to request one comment on your website. In some cases however, it is possible to receive more than one comment with just two credits.

Not every commenter on the Site Comments platform attains the status of “certified commenter”. To attain such, you need to achieve and maintain a minimum of fifty approved comments within a 30-day period.

And when you do, you earn one Wealthy Affiliate credit and fifty cents cash credit alternatingly for every two approved comments you give. Your cash credit could be cashed out at will or used in paying your Wealthy Affiliate membership subscription.

You will need a Gravatar account to be a player on the Site Comments platform.

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In spite of the many advantages the platform presents, I’ve had some struggles as a Wealthy Affiliate member which I would like to bring to every new member’s attention before he/she signs up.


1. Wealthy Affiliate is No “Magic Carpet”

(as Some Would Want You Believe)

You’ve most certainly come across some review or ad that presents Wealthy Affiliate as some affiliate marketing “magic carpet” that would quickly take you to a place of instantaneous financial success.

Don’t be carried away by such accounts. Don’t be led into thinking that once you join Wealthy Affiliate, have a website to your name and add a few posts and affiliate links, then it’s okay.

There’s no magic wand you can wave as a Wealthy Affiliate member and start to make thousands just like that. On the contrary, you will have to “get your hands dirty” doing REAL HARD WORK. You can’t avoid that and succeed. I’m into it, so I know it.

It’s going to take you several months to begin to see real success, especially if you are a complete newbie to affiliate marketing as I was when I joined. You would need to engage in a long learning process involving constant training and content creation, as well as asking questions.

As co-owner Kyle puts it, “everything needed to make you a successful affiliate marketer is at Wealthy Affiliate; except the YOU part”; meaning, the training, the community, the technology, etc. are all present or available at Wealthy Affiliate, but YOU have to put in TIME to do what is required to become successful.

Depending on your specific niche, the harder you work (especially by creating content on your website), the faster you will begin to see success.

The following proverb of old best presents the Wealthy Affiliate membership experience: “who wants to travel far spares his steed.”

2. Rank, Money and Advice

New members are usually fascinated by Wealthy Affiliate’s ranking system. They get excited when their ranks increase. Rank in Wealthy Affiliate is only an indication of how active a member is WITHIN the Wealthy Affiliate community.

High ranking (lower numbers) are obtained by activities like posting blogs and commenting in the Wealthy Affiliate platform, welcoming new members, and the like. It has absolutely no financial incentive attached. Don’t be carried away by it.

Also, new members tend to trust every top ranking member. But the truth is, not all top ranking Wealthy Affiliate members are experienced affiliate marketers. Do research on members that give you advice. Read their posts; learn about them; See what they’ve achieved and what they have to offer before applying their advice.

There are some lower ranking members who are yet quite knowledgeable, experienced and willing. Sort them out from the rest. They are treasures worth keeping.

3. The Order of Some Courses or Tasks

As I’ve already mentioned, Wealthy Affiliate’s courses are great, especially for beginners. However, I had problems with the sequence of courses in some cases. On a number of occasions, after completing a course, what I expected as the natural “next in line” course wasn’t what actually turned out.

I went about asking other members for directions regarding my unanswered questions, and later found out that the very questions are addressed in much later lessons. It would have saved me a great deal of time had those lessons been placed in a “logical sequence”.

A common example is the task requesting members to write a review of the Wealthy Affiliate program just after starting the Bootcamp training. That’s going to be impossible for a completely new member who goes directly into the Bootcamp training. He/She will not have sufficient experience on the platform to be able to write a comprehensive review.

As a matter of fact, before writing a product review, you must have first experienced the product. The above-mentioned task would therefore be better at the end of the course rather than at the beginning, in case the member decides to take the Bootcamp route.

4. Limited Training on Video Production

By nature, humans are visual beings. We respond more readily to what we see than what we read. That’s one reason why platforms like YouTube are gaining prominence online. Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate does not comprise training relating to such sphere within their mainstream training courses.

Though aspects of video marketing are sometimes covered in the weekly webinars, the webinars are a sort of elective which only a fraction of members participate in.

More and more Wealthy Affiliate members involved in promoting the platform are taking the YouTube route. That’s a long term imperative for newbies and a necessity for more experienced marketers who have not been thinking in that direction.

5. Absence of Notice Concerning Website Deletion

Wealthy Affiliate training leads members into creating website hosted on their platform. If you have a functioning website, and wishing to unsubscribe (i.e. not to renew your subscription at its expiration), you must almost immediately move your website to another hosting.

If not, it’s going to be deleted by Wealthy Affiliate 30 days after you unsubscribe. And you’ll automatically lose the fruit of many hours of hard work put into creating it. Unfortunately, this is hardly told.

Members generally do not know that their website are deleted 30 days after they cancel their Premium membership without re-subscription. You may never learn of this reality unless by accident or you ask out of curiosity or concern.

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Wealthy Affiliate Overview and Ratings

The truth about Wealthy Affiliate is that most members – myself included – are very satisfied with the platform. We prefer a platform where we spend less in terms of finance, have available the tools for success and do the necessary hard work; than one that sucks thousands off us when we are not even sure of earning a mite.

Based on our overall level of satisfaction, I give the platform the following ratings:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Existence: 15 years

Membership: 1.6 million

Website URL:

Training: 4.5 out of 5

Price: 4.9 out of 5

Support: 4.9 out of 5

Affiliate Program: 4.8 out of 5

Technology: 4.9 out of 5

Research Tools: 4.8 out of 5

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5

My final word

Wealthy Affiliate is not scam, neither is it a get-rich-quick scheme. On the contrary, It’s a legitimate Make Money Online / Affiliate Marketing Platform which one needs to join with realistic expectation:

You will need to be very patient and ready to put in hours and hours to do the training and write content for your website, in order to see any meaningful success. Don’t join if you are currently desperate and or need urgent financial relief.

Now that you know the pros and cons, click here to join Wealthy Affiliate. Wishing you the very best!

If you have any questions or comments concerning Wealthy Affiliate, please leave them below and I’ll be very glad to answer them for you.

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