Best affiliate marketing platform

What’s the best affiliate marketing platform?

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to the internet in search of money-making activities. Most of these people wonder how the idea of making money online actually works. And what’s the best form of ‘online activity’ they could get into.

A common answer many new onliners get to the latter question is “affiliate marketing”. But with the sea of information that the internet is, such people find it difficult to identify where to start off in affiliate marketing. Which leads to their next logical question:

What’s the best affiliate marketing platform to join?

Best affiliate marketing platform

This question appears almost everywhere on a daily basis. I’ve had to address it on several occasions.

“The best affiliate marketing platform” should mean a platform that is “better than all others”. But does such a platform exist?

Nearly everyone you ask what the “best affiliate marketing platform” is will tell you that the platform they’re affiliated with is “the best platform”. And that’s because they will earn some money when you sign up to that platform.

With such a reality, it becomes difficult to identify a (so-called) “best platform”.

What’s the truth about affiliate marketing?

Here are two truths regarding this issue which I tell those who are in search of the “best” affiliate marketing (or online money-making) platform. Hope they help you in understanding what the so-called “best platform” really is.

Affiliate marketing truth

Firstly, there is no platform that can be considered to be “the best platform” for affiliate marketing”. Disappointing! Isn’t it? But that’s the reality!

Folks tend to move around online thinking there has to be a platform better than all others and that has all it takes to make them succeed instantly. Sorry! As I said, such a platform does not exist! It’s like searching for the best school in the world.

Can you say which school that might be? I’m not sure you can. So you see: the same applies to affiliate marketing or other online business platforms. Each platform was designed by its owners with a specific outlook – to meet the needs of users from a certain point of view.

Certainly, there are some platforms that outmatch others for one reason or another, but all platforms do have their pros and cons.

You’ll find that successful affiliate marketers are never subscribed to only one platform. They identify gold nuggets here and there, and use them to achieve success.

Now, don’t get discouraged! There’s very helpful insight coming up! But I don’t want you to have the notion that there’s some “online utopia” where success is presented on a silver platter.

Secondly (and perhaps more importantly):

The “best affiliate marketing platform” for you actually depends on YOU.

The best affiliate platform

What do I mean?

Why I say it depends on YOU is because experience has shown that “the best” affiliate marketing platform is actually from the perspective of “the beholder”. What you’ll consider to be your best platform may not be someone else’s, and vice versa.

Here are a number of factors – from my experience – which could ‘impose’ on an individual a “best affiliate marketing platform”:

1. The current financial strength of the person concerned

Yes, you got me right! The money you’re prepared to spend could determine “your best platform”.

An affiliate marketing platform that costs 97 dollars a month like ClickFunnels will certainly not be “the best” for someone with a meager monthly budget. But it may well be for another person whose monthly income far exceeds that amount. The best affiliate platform for the person with low income would be one with reasonably low pricing, while to the person with high income, pricing may not be an issue.

. . . which takes us to the next point:

2. Their Level or Experience

The experience a person has online also has a stake in determining their “best affiliate marketing platform”. There are some platforms which the experienced/advanced affiliate marketer would consider their best which a newbie will have very hard time progressing on.

Affiliate marketing skills

Based on this reality, newbies are advised to seek platforms which take into consideration their level and begin by providing them with milk (online business/affiliate marketing basics), instead of bones (advanced skills).

3. Their Aspirations

What a person desires/expects to have, do and get on a platform (in short, what a platform ‘demands’ and what it has to offer in return) is another determining factor of which platform is “the best”.

Are you only interested in making money or are you the kind of person who believes in acquiring knowledge in addition to the making money side of things? Are your money-making goals short-term or are you okay with building a long term business which won’t pay you immediately?

Do you wish to create and run a website or only maintain other forms of online engagement with your audience? Will you have the time to personally carry out daily tasks or do you prefer a system doing the work for you?

These are some pertinent questions one must consider in their search for their best affiliate marketing platform.

The answers to these questions usually depend on one’s circumstances.

How is that?

Quite often, I come across new onliners who have just lost their job and wish to find an immediate online remedy. Or others who have an urgent need and turn to the internet for an immediate “financial breakthrough”.

Your Best Affiliate Marketing Platform

Now, if you’re the former, it means you have a certain budget set aside and need results in the short to medium term. Your “best affiliate marketing platform” in such a case could be one like the 12-MINUTE AFFILIATE SYSTEM.

It’s a system meant for those who have some money to invest upfront and hopefully make more without having to go through online marketing training or running a website. However, one must be prepared to undergo recurrent ad costs that end up quite high, without which it’s almost impossible to succeed with this system.

If the latter situation represents you instead, truth is, you may not be able to identify a “best platform” (for your need) since in fact you may not be financially potent, but desire instant ‘payout’.

Wanting to make that first-ever money online?

If you just wish – for the experience – to make money online for the first time, the OLSP SYSTEM would make your ‘dream’ come true. It’s totally free to join and pays you 20 dollars for doing the initial training.

Your later earnings will depend on those you invite to join – when they buy any of the products sold on the platform. You may need to buy some of the products yourself as you go through the training in order to have a higher earning potential. Experience shows that a certain amount of online skills and knowledge are needed to easily succeed with this system.

Want to start off with the basics?

If you’re not constrained by time and money, and you wish to progressively build an online business which will serve you for years to come, by blogging within any niche (area of interest) of your choice, using free traffic especially, then a platform like WEALTHY AFFILIATE would be your “best platform”.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing and gives you a solid MMO (Make Money Online) foundation to ‘launch out’. It also has a vibrant community comprising affiliate marketers of all levels who serve as a deposit of knowledge for the many questions you may have as a newbie.

When price is not an issue

Best affiliate marketing platform

If price is not an issue for you as you are searching, . . .

and you wish to go in depth with affiliate marketing – plus other major components of online marketing – whether you’re a newbie or not, then John Crestani’s SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM or Dave Sharpe’s LEGENDARY MARKETER could well be your “best affiliate marketing platform”.

or you want a complete (customer purchasing journey) system that’s set in place once and works for you non-stop (this might be overwhelming for newbies), then check out CLICKFUNNELS.

There are also a number of great coaching programs which those on a low budget will find to be quite expensive, but which deliver awesome results.

All this doesn’t mean that the platforms listed above are the only ones that work. Certainly not! There are tons of others that propel their users into achieving success online. As mentioned earlier, all platforms were created for specific purposes and thus serve within their specific contexts.

So you see!

When someone tells you that this or that platform is “the best” affiliate marketing platform, the above-mentioned underlying realities are things you must consider. As was earlier mentioned, there is no one “best affiliate marketing platform” out there. Your experience in marketing online, what you expect to do on and get from the platform (within a certain time frame) and how much you are ready to spend to get your desired result will together decide what “the best affiliate marketing platform” is for you.

Simply put, your “best platform” will ultimately be determined by YOU – by your overall situation.

Wishing you best of success as you decide which platform to sign up to based on this reality!

(And let me know your choice – and why – in the comments below. Or send me a PM in case there’s a need).

Good luck!


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