When should I quit job?

The question “When should I quit job” quite often comes across the minds of those who wish to leave their job. An answer could be provided based on how the question is understood. It may be asked by someone wanting to change jobs. It could also be asked by someone who desires ending their “working life”.

Whatever the reason is for asking, in this post, I explore the different instances when someone could ask the question and discuss a number of things to take into consideration if you ever find yourself that question.

Different instances

As mentioned above, the question could be asked in different instances.

A person wanting to know the circumstances in which he/she should leave one job for another could ask that question. In such a case, the question could be answered from the perspective of the job as well as from that of the worker.

A. from the perspective of the job

Here are some reasons that could justify you leaving your current job for another.

1. Poor working conditions/environment

You could leave your current job in case it is unfavorable when it comes to important things such as your well being, your security, your safety, your health and the like. Poor working conditions could put at risk these factors which could have a negative effect on you, including death. There should be no excuse for staying on such a job.

2. Poor working relationship

Workers are employed – or contracted – in the hope that they will contribute to achieving goals set by their employers. The better the relationship among workers and with the employer, the better to working environment; and the easier it is to achieve the shared goals. There’s no need working in a toxic environment. Your soul will be constantly tormented if you dare doing so.

3. Bad pay

Workers are usually motivated by what they receive in return – their pay. If they pay is low or irregular, motivation will be low, which could affect your output and possibly result in unfavorable working conditions. Besides, you need to survive, don’t you?

B. From your side of the story, you may want to leave in case:

1. You desire seeking greener pastures

If you aspire to get something better for what you’re prepared to put in at a job, then it could well be time for you to quit your current job. Another one out there will be prepared to offer you better ‘conditions’

2. You wish to have bigger challenges

This is usually the case of those fixed on building their CV or career. If you think in your career development, you’ve outgrown your current job duties, and you desire having new experiences to enhance your CV or career development, then it’s well time to begin to look elsewhere.

3. Your aspirations are not being met

People usually come onto jobs looking forward to a certain number of things. It may be salary. It may be the work environment. It may be promotion, etc. If the materialization of that hope looks uncertain especially after exercising a reasonable level of patience, then there may not be more options to explore.

4. You had a plan of doing so initially

Before even starting a job, some people have in mind that they would stay there for a definite length of time. If you’re one of those, and the duration you set has elapsed, then it could well be time for you to do as you had planned initially.

Folks may also be asking “When do I quit job?” to mean to stop working permanently or to stop working for someone else. Whether it is the former or the latter, before doing so, make sure you consider the following questions?

Pertinent Questions

1. Are you prepared to quit?

This is undoubtedly the most important question in this case. Being prepared before quitting your job is an essential part of the quitting process. Not being fully prepared could land you into situations that could cause you to regret why you quit in the first place. So be sure you have weighed the pros and cons and are prepared enough before you quit your current job.

2. What’s your “replacement” plan?

A job is the source of livelihood for most people. Leaving it means ending that source. And ensuring – starting or continuing with – another one. You must have a plan to ensure your livelihood before quitting your job. It may be a replacement – another job. It may be a business endeavor. It may also be some form of investment.

Quite often

Sometimes it is already too late for people who are considering quitting their job to answer the above questions. Probably they did not consider the aftermath, and did not plan for – which is not a prudent approach.

It is always a good thing to plan quitting for a job long before you go into action. In the case of a new job, the transition could be ensure in a relatively short period. Unlike in the case of a business initiative or an investment that has to be planned and executed long term to allow for a smooth transition.

The activity must have matured sufficiently and is ready to instantly assume the responsibility of the one you intend to bring to an end before you go into action with your plan of quitting.

A modern solution

A place where many are turning to ensure this in today’s world is the internet. Whether it’s affiliate marketing, dropping shipping, or creating and selling their own products, the internet is slowly becoming the new haven for those seeking to replace their job by a business activity somewhere down the road.

It may seem a challenge if you haven’t done it before and are starting off afresh. But it is not impossible to achieve. That is what I have been doing for a number of years now, thanks to internet business training provided at Wealthy Affiliate – the internet business community that I’m a part of.

It has changed the lives of many! It is something you could explore as part of your replacement plan in case you intend to quit your job in the middle to long term.

Wishing you the very best as you take the reasonable pieces of advice contained in here while planning to quit your job.

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