What is the best way to start making money online?

A Quite Frequently Asked Question

The title of this post is a question that is frequently asked by so many newbies. But the truth is, there is no definite answer to that question. Asking for the ‘best way’ implies that there is one way considered as ‘the best’ among all the possible ways of starting to make money online. Whereas, in reality, no one way can be considered ‘the best’.

The answer to this question depends on the person asking the question. The ‘best way’ for one person may not necessarily be ‘the best way’ for another person. It all depends on what the person’s goal is who is asking the question. What the person seeks to achieve will determine the ‘best way’ for him / her.

So before asking what the ‘best way’ to start making money online is, first ask yourself, “What is my goal in wanting to start making money online?”

When ‘Best Way’ Equals ‘Fastest Way’

Many people turn to the internet to try to start to make money when their finances run low, and their livelihood is threatened – when they lose their job which had been their sole source of income, in many cases. With just little funds saved, and fearing that same may run out in the coming weeks or months, they turn to the internet to seek ways to make instant money to make up for the lost income opportunity.

This is a very common occurrence, and the ‘best way’ (which implies the fastest way) for such people to start to earn an income online is to get an online job or do ‘quick selling’.

‘Quick Selling’

‘Quick selling’ is usually done on ‘marketplace websites’ like eBay and amazon. You can start with no investment. Simply look around your home for items of value that you no longer have need for. You could quickly sell them on one of the above-mentioned sites. You would have started making money online.

Reinvest proceeds by buying more stuff at lower prices, and continue to sell them and make profits. It is possible to find cheaper items on one site and sell them at a higher price on the other. You would have to carry out relevant searches to get the best deals.

In addition to selling items on ‘marketplace websites’, getting an online job is another great way to start to make instant cash.

Online Jobs

Whether online or offline, a job is something that allows you to get paid in a matter of days, or weeks, or – at most – a month.

Online jobs could be in the form of a permanent role as a remote worker of an entity with tasks to be performed online; or by freelancing.

If you are skilled, then you can go after freelancing. All you need to do is to search for those out there who are in need of your skills. There are a lot of websites for selling your skills online:

– Fiverr.com

– Elance.com

– Odesk.com

– Etc.

To begin, you will need to access one of such sites, complete your profile, pass skill tests, and start applying for desired jobs.

Freelancing is great for beginners who need to start making money quickly. It’s also a great way for you to put your skill into practice, and learn from more advanced professionals.

Freelancing could eventually earn you a decent income if you desire to do it full time.

For someone who doesn’t have real skills to offer as a freelancer, working in a less demanding remote role could be an option. Such jobs usually require just basic computer knowledge.

It is not always easy to find ’employment’ as a remote worker; the easier option would be freelancing: marketing a skill you have – writing articles, designing logos etc.

You can also be smart and add a business component to that. First search relevant websites to find people in need of things like content, logos, etc. and then get someone from a freelancing site like Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr to perform the task at a lower cost than you would charge.

Once the job is completed, take delivery of the product and in turn deliver it to your client. You’ll make a little profit on each transaction. The profit is yours. Doing this makes you a sort of task broker, connecting buyers and sellers. You could continue with that if that is what you want.

Exercise Caution

It is quite legitimate for beginners online to want to make instant money. One must however be very careful not to run after overly attractive offers: “Would you like to have a five-hour work week?” Or, “Earn as much as 2,000 dollars in three days!” . . . and stuff like that. Such so-called interesting offers are what are referred to as ‘shiny objects’. They generally deceive newbies, cause them to spend lots of money without any result; and eventually unsubscribe to settle for a reasonable opportunity.

Make sure to do your homework (extensive research on the offer – watch videos, read reviews, ask questions in forums, and the like). Most times, such ‘opportunities’ are baits intended not only to exploit your naivete and inexperience online, but also to ultimately suck your little-left hard earned cash. Don’t chase shiny objects!

The Business Option

On the other hand, if your intent is not to make instant cash, but to learn how to earn money online for the long term, then you should try building an online business. (Those who desire earning money online in a relatively short period can not turn to online business for a solution).

Business takes months or even years to become meaningfully productive. It will sure take you time and lots of hard work. It’s not something to produce instant result. Instead, it’s a kind of ‘slow but sure’ thing. Though it will take you some time to start to reap the benefit of your labor, it is something that will eventually make you money for years to come.

If you choose to go the online business route, you will have to learn so much: what it is all about, how to go about doing it, and ways to make money from it.

Affiliate Marketing

In that case, you could begin with an online money-making activity as cost effective as affiliate marketing. To begin,

1. Choose a niche (area of interest) you are passionate about

Note: If you don’t pick something you are passionate about, you will not have what it takes to continue working in it.

2. Create a blog to that effect

This training community teaches you how to create and run a blog.

3. Regularly create relevant content

4. Join affiliate programs or networks

5. Choose products to promote on your blog

That’s how you can start to make long-term money online.

If you can create a blog and succeed in publishing high quality articles that solve people’s problems, then you can build a good online business ‘favored’ by search engines. It will take some time and much hard work. But, it will eventually pay off big time.

Email Marketing

With the knowledge and experience acquired from affiliate marketing, you could add on email marketing.

To start, you would need to  invest in an autoresponder like GetResponse, and follow their training on how to create an opt-in form or a customized landing page for your niche, by offering a free sign up incentive. With that, you will start gaining subscribers. We say you’re building a list – an email list. Then with the same autoresponder service, you can build a relationship with that list by creating follow up / nurturing emails; and eventually promote affiliate products from affiliate programs or networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction, thereby earning money in the form of affiliate commissions.


Whether it is online job or business you opt for as a newbie, you will need to invest a lot of time, and do real hard work in order to earn consistent income: ‘miracles’ do happen online, but only after much effort.

You must also be prepared to learn a lot. The online sphere is a sort of ‘wonderland’. One never ceases to learn new things – everyday! But in venturing into this new world of wonders, exercise maximum caution to avoid falling into the wrong hands and having a regreatable online experience.





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